Ventilator X Burn Rubber ‘Boblo Boats’


Another superb collab with Reebok Classics in the 25th anniversary year of the Ventilator, and this time it’s Detroits’ Burn Rubber to step up to the blocks. Curios about the name? Continue reading! 


Clean is definitely the word with this bright and colourful colourway, inspired by the 2 ‘Boblo Boat’ ferrys which took day-trippers to Ontarios’ Boblo Island Amusement Park. The boats had yellow funnels, red hulls and blue details; and it’s the blue colour application in particular that reveals the rarely-noticed twin sidestripes within the Ventilators panelling.


The Ferrys’ docks inspired the rear heel stitching design, with the Icy sole representing the Detroit river. Finally, the really fun-looking hangtags and lace locks should really help these fly off shelves.burn-rubber-reebok-elevator-02reebok-burn-rubber-ventilator-41-800x533

Available at Midnight USA EDT on May 16th from Burn Rubbers’ online store, and apparently available at Reebok Certified Network stores globally shortly afterwards. —BokOne

Burn Rubber (USA)


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