Retrobok weekly review


Notice anything unusual about this pair of ‘Cranberry/Berry’ 6000‘s? No? Read on… 

Might want to look again at the flexwave and rear midsole block, before you notice they’ve been inverted – the first time I’ve seen this done on the 6000. And it’s no special collab from what I can see, these are merely titled ‘GL 6000 Athletic’.


Then we have these 2 bold statements ; Triple Black and Triple White makeups of the recently retro’d Ventilator Supreme; in my mind one of the closest Reebok Classics’ shoes to match the aggressive street presence of the Nike Air Max ’90.

I’m a little mixed about these to be honest; all-White can work well, but with all-Black it’s a fine line between looking good and looking cheap. Running these in a matte upper (such as suede or an equivalent man-made material) might work far better. But Retrobok welcomes your thoughts as always, and to be fair I haven’t yet seen these in the flesh.


And finally the headline act this month, and the Highs and Lows makeup of the LX 8500 finally gets a release date: 25th June.


Most of the above are available right now from Germanys’ A Few store. with the LX 8500 releasing from Reebok Certified Network stores such as Hanon Shop and Solebox on June 25th.  -BokOne

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