ERS Marathon Racer (1990 approx) — Vintage Sample (eBay)


BokTwo spotted these on eBay: From a seller with reliable credentials for selling genuine samples, these themselves don’t show any proof of that, with the seller also claiming they were bought from – and worn by – the designer himself: the one and only Steven ‘Instapump Fury’ Smith. Read on! 

I had to check Retroboks’ 90’s shoe archive to confirm their true name; I believe ERS Marathon Racer is correct, as the ERS Racer is the more familiar and ‘straightforward’ design (see Retroboks’ Field Guide to those). Aside from the futuristic panelling on the shoe, and rear-ward embroidered Reebok logos on the side upper, I’m particularly struck by the plush heel tabs with embroidered Starcrests – a nice unique detail.

I’ve saved the eBay users photos here on Retrobok for reference and they are superb to see – a fascinating ‘forward looking’ design for Reebok, and a few years before the arrival of the legendary Instapump Fury.

The current eBay item is still up for another month or so: eBay (USA). —BokOne

Comments welcomed from Mr.Smith himself if he has the time/inclination 😉

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