When is an LX 8500 *not* an LX 8500?


…is a very very good question. If I was to presume (and I may have to pick David Fosters’ brain on this) that the 1985 LX 8500 was essentially a luxury nubuck leather/pigskin makeup of the GL 6000, then what is a Fabric/Mesh makeup of an LX 8500? Read on for 4 more surprising colourways and meandering waffle 😉 

These five 8500‘s have appeared on Reeboks’ Korean website recently, and are very smart indeed – but they certainly do blur the line between the LX and the GL.

Details like the LX‘s stability clip, lace extension detail, leather heeltabs, thick 3M strip on the heel wrap and thinner tongue are clearly evident – and notably there have been recent makeups of the LX in seude, but dropping most of the leather details for mesh and fabric shows a clear design progression … the question is – where do Reebok Classics go next? -BokOne

Reebok (Korea)

V66691-1  V66690-1 1

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