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Aztec OG – Unboxing, macros + thoughts

AztecRetrobok (2)

From Retroboks’ point of view, this has to be one of the most significant and special Reebok retro since, well, retros began? The Reebok Classics team pulled out all the stops to send me a pair of the Aztec OG‘s just ahead of the August 1st release date. Read on….  Read the rest of this entry

Aztec OG — 01.08.15


So it’s Friday night here in Australia and Flying Lotus, AFX and Kendrick Lamar are oozing out of the speakers, and just by coincidence I check the always-reliable TeamReebok1895 Facebook feed. Between the selfies and TR1895 creations, and there it is.  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator Adapt Graphic – Macro photos + thoughts


As previously mentioned here on Retrobok, this new 2015 shoe – based on the 1990 Ventilator platform (quite literally) – is a pretty exciting sign of things to come from Reebok Classics. Read on…  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator Mid Boot (Black/White/Dark Silver)

imagemagic (2)

A very low-key colourway to these, for what I believe is the first appearance of a Mid Ventilator! In a very muted gloss and seude-effect Black upper, it’s hard to get a feel for how these will run if and when the panels get coloured. If you think you’d heard of a Mid Vent before, well there was a High sample spotted last year but that had clearly different ankle and ingress detailing. Interesting… Available NOW from Titolo (Switzerland). -BokOne (Click on for more images)  Read the rest of this entry

Collectors wanted for Collectors Features!


If you’re a Reebok-head, and are keen to be interviewed and have your Reebok collection showcased here on Retrobok, then message me using the Contact page here on the site. It’s about time to showcase another collectors passion! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the 5 features so far:

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Retrobok — Collectors Feature #2 — Russell ‘Bobby Necro’ Hall (UK)

Retrobok — Collectors Feature #3 — Etienne Malaquin (PumpMyLife, France)
Retrobok — Collectors Feature #4 — Jake Montana (TeamReebok1895, USA)
Retrobok — Collectors Feature #5 — Piotr ‘Natty’ Kaczmarek


Ventilator II – White/Black/Endurance Blue/Snowy Grey


Reebok Classics are certainly not hanging around. Not content with overseeing dozens of new Ventilator makeups in 2015, they dropped the aggressive Ventilator Supreme retros on us, and now – !BLAM! – the facelifted Ventilator II has been retro’d. Hugely impressive work from the team – I’ll be getting a hold of a pair of these pronto! -BokOne Click on for more photos + store link. 

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Ventilator Adapt GR — A very very positive sign.


Really excited to see this new model appear, which does something a little different this time around. Read on…  Read the rest of this entry