Ventilator Adapt GR — A very very positive sign.


Really excited to see this new model appear, which does something a little different this time around. Read on… 

Reebok Classics have had some interesting – and arguably mixed – results with both ‘new retros’ (shoes which appear to be old but are actually new, such as the GL 1500) and new shoes with a retro-inspired appearance (which, yes, are new but use a retro model as a base inspiration – such as the Furylight).

Here, with the Ventilator Adapt GR, it feels like things have stepped up another level. Yes, that appears to be an unmolested Ventilator mid+outsole but connected to a flexible lightweight mesh/textile upper by that striking rubberised cage that carries some of the OG Ventilator panelling, yet looks completely ‘2015’.

A personal concern of mine is that Nike have been consistently delivering super-sharp modern runners, while (non-Classics) Reebok have been trying to find some of that form and square up to them. This Ventilator Adapt GR model has perfectly married the old and the new and resulted in an ultra-modern silhouette that may offer that mass appeal to elevate the Reebok brand back towards those late 80’s glory days. Great work. —BokOne

Available now from Germanys’ afew store.

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