Ventilator Adapt Graphic – Macro photos + thoughts


As previously mentioned here on Retrobok, this new 2015 shoe – based on the 1990 Ventilator platform (quite literally) – is a pretty exciting sign of things to come from Reebok Classics. Read on… 

In Black/Warm Olive/White (camo isn’t mentioned but is clearly evident) this is a street-runner with a super lightweight upper wrapped in a rubber cage, and ultra-modern mesh toebox.


The main upper, from the ankle to the midfoot is a stretchy neoprene type material which invites barefoot useage (more of this later). A few curious laceloop details are present, under which is one of the most interesting part of the shoe; a thin and wide rubberised strip curving from the midsole up and under the bottom laceholes. It’s not hugely noticeable in photos, but in the flesh – and when worn and seen from above – reaffirms this is not a regular Ventilator.


Rear view showing ingress and tongue cross-section:IMAG2832

Rubber cage and laceloop details:

The tongue itself, I’m mixed about. It looks good but proves thin due to its deliberate lightness, which reduces cushioning and comfort when worn sockless. This is something I was optimistic about, and while the Adapt is very wearable without socks, I’m hoping Reebok Classics can further up their game and deliver shoes which offer that Nike Free level of comfort: after all, if a shoe can be worn effortlessly without socks, it proves just how comfortable it really is.

Heel section details:

Rubber cage and lace details:

As is very much the trend currently, the full-mesh toebox is simple and has no detailing, which emphasises the wedge style and elongates the shoe in profile:

Finally – and apologies for not including a photo in this post – the outsole packs Hexalite tech, within a midsole which appears to be 100% OG Ventilator, and of course it does the job superbly.

Overall, the Ventilator Adapt is an exciting new shoe that is evidently lighter than the OG Ventilator, and should further help attract Nike buyers over to the Classics brand. Huge thanks once again to Angela at Reebok. -BokOne

Available now in upto 5 other colourways from the following official Reebok stores:

Reebok (USA)
Reebok (UK)
Reebok (Gerrmany)
Reebok (France)

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