Aztec OG — 01.08.15


So it’s Friday night here in Australia and Flying Lotus, AFX and Kendrick Lamar are oozing out of the speakers, and just by coincidence I check the always-reliable TeamReebok1895 Facebook feed. Between the selfies and TR1895 creations, and there it is. 

Somewhat understated but no doubt about it; one of the most significant retro releases by Reebok Classics since…well I don’t know what because this is off the scale. The GL 6000 retro in 2010? Those terrible LX 8500 retros made by somebody other than Reebok in the mid-2000’s? Definitely not that… I’d heard brief mention from the Reebok Classics department that there maybe something like this in the pipeline, but honestly never foresaw it. But here it is ; a damn retro of the 1979 Aztec runner.


Simply put: 70’s shoes are not in fashion. Yet on seeing these, I want them so bad and for the following reasons. The ’79 Aztec is a genuine true halo shoe for Reebok; I can’t proffer the sales figures (the likes of David Foster maybe able to advise here, at least on their impact) but I do understand the legacy they have left notwithstanding their glorious Blue-Yellow-Red-White colourway (which left introverts quaking at the start line) but including the 2006 Scarlett Johannson Rbk Aztec, the many retros, recent Aztec Flex Racer and countless colourway applications of the Aztec onto other shoes. And don’t forget this shoe packed some pretty decent tech at its release: dual-density midsole, speed laces, replaceable rubber heel and perforated poron insoles. Besides looking pretty badass as well.

reebok_Aztec_OG_Sneaker_POlitics_Hypebeast_10_1024x1024reebok_Aztec_OG_Sneaker_POlitics_Hypebeast_12_1024x1024 reebok_Aztec_OG_Sneaker_POlitics_Hypebeast_13_1024x1024 reebok_Aztec_OG_Sneaker_POlitics_Hypebeast_14_1024x1024 reebok_Aztec_OG_Sneaker_POlitics_Hypebeast_15_1024x1024 reebok_Aztec_OG_Sneaker_POlitics_Hypebeast_16_1024x1024 reebok_Aztec_OG_Sneaker_POlitics_Hypebeast_17_1024x1024 reebok_Aztec_OG_Sneaker_POlitics_Hypebeast_18_1024x1024 reebok_Aztec_OG_Sneaker_POlitics_Hypebeast_19_1024x1024

Seeing the press photos on the terracotta racetrack is genuinely special. Seeing the details, speedlaces, stitched tongue and that crazy Unit II outsole with the heel wrap right up the heel counter even more. But most of all the booklet with retro Reebok promotional paraphernalia accompanying the shoes… wow. It’s not clear if any of the material is taken from Retrobok, but my heart at least feels the Aztec OG wouldn’t exist without it. Hats off again to Reebok Classics.

I’ll be picking up a pair before or on the August 1st release date to cover here on Retrobok.

The only pre-order I can see yet is : Sneaker Politics (US)


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  1. Can’t wait. Ordered mine today. Didn’t know until after the fact that they were somewhat limited too. The Packer pair is nice but this is ridiculous.

  2. Yeah I need to confirm the limited thing, SG, but they are an awesome release. The comfort is incredible too. I need to wax lyrical some more on Retrobok too!