GL 6000 ANE — Orange/Olive


The focus for many of us Bokheads/Retrobokheads has been away from the ’85 legend GL 6000 for a little while now, since a crazy number of makeups hit global stores from 2010 onwards. Hit the jump for more prattle, images and clicky-clicky-buy-buy. 

There’s been so many makeups of the 6000 that, in fact, that I had to give up updating the Retrobok Field Guide (the guilty part of me suggests I should return to it – but I’ve other plans for an image library in my head just now…)

So here is a pretty ‘out there’ makeup with a bold Orange outsole and mixed Olive green upper. Mmmm… Mixed Olives…. Answers on a postcard if you know what the ANE acroynym means! I’m not seeing them in many stores yet, other than Rock City (USA). Images and link via EU Kicks —BokOne

Reebok-GL-6000-Olive-Orange-1  Reebok-GL-6000-Olive-Orange-7 Reebok-GL-6000-Olive-Orange-5 Reebok-GL-6000-Olive-Orange-4 Reebok-GL-6000-Olive-Orange-2 Reebok-GL-6000-Olive-Orange Reebok-GL-6000-Olive-Orange-3


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