Collector Feature #7 — Brad Spriggs (USA)

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Retrobok is honoured to present its 7th Collectors Feature, featuring a long-term collector hailing from Ohio, USA with a huge collection.
Brad is also the second of the OG16 / TeamReebok1895 team featured on Retrobok. Click the jump to read on. 
retrobok_40x40 Please tell us about yourself ; where you’re from, what you do. What’s happening, my name is Brad Spriggs, I was born and raised in Marion, Ohio, located in the USA and still live here currently. I work for UPS as a package delivery driver, as well as doing marketing for TeamReebok1895.
retrobok_40x40 Tell us about how you got into Reebok as a brand. Initial introduction to the brand started when I was a kid. Reebok was the shoes I primarily wore as a kid. My parents could not afford a lot of higher end shoes like Nike etc… Reebok was always on my feet in the form of the BB4400, BB4600 or most often the black and white Classic Nylons.
As I got older I always made it a point to have Reeboks at my availability.

When I started making my own money, they really just stuck with me getting into the basketball sneaker more Kemps, baseball Frank Thomas. Etc…. I was really into hip hop and music as a kids in the 80’s and the 90’s and Reeboks always seemed to be a great fit for that era.

With the breakdancing seen in the 80’s the Classic Nylons and Classic Leathers were a perfect match up with a track suit look that I wore in elementary school up into junior high and high school.. I was never to worried about following the trends of everybody, I always was just doing what felt right to me.
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retrobok_40x40 I gather you’re founding member of the OG16 and TR1895? What do you generally get involved with within the group? Yes. I am one of the founding members of the TR1895.
From the beginning I have been involved with the marketing of our brand, spreading the word about Reebok in general, as well as reaching out and building connections with Sneaker boutiques around the world. Additionally I have started to branch into blogs, reporting on new Reebok releases as well as older models as a kind of a throwback feature type thing. Looking to help continue to build and expand the brand further as we go, it has been a great ride thus far and all the OG16 are looking forward to what’s to come.
I think one of the biggest things that TR1895 has a great grasp on is that we have members who are in to all models from the Reebok Classics brand.We have guys who’s favorite models are CL’s, Questions, Pumps, Furys etc.. so the ability to be able to talk about different models and learn from these other guys is also a bonus.
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retrobok_40x40 Thanks for the time and effort on your photos, that’s a lot of shoes to set up, possibly the largest collection we’ve seen on Retrobok. Yeah absolutely. It took a couple hours to pick and choose what I wanted to show to you and everybody else, but I usually go through my entire collection monthly to clean them or straighten them up and this just happened to work perfectly with the timing of the interview.
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retrobok_40x40 Talk us through your collection – over 100 pairs of Boks? Actually my collection consist of about 300+ pairs of Reeboks total, or somewhere in that neighborhood.I focus really on looking for older kicks rather then jumping on new releases. I guess this stems from being older and remembering  sneakers that I either had or wanted and didn’t get. Finding OG sneakers is really my passion. I have a variety from Pump 25′s to Omnis to CL’s Nylon and Leather to OG Kemps, Reignmans to retro Kamikaze 1 and 2, Workouts and some Fury models, even some Zig Tech. But my thing is if I see a sneaker and I dig it then I buy it. I don’t just grab sneakers because they are new or hyped up.
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retrobok_40x40 How does your Wife feel about your huge collection? My wife thinks I’m crazy for having all these sneakers, but she is for the most part understanding that it is a true passion and hobby I have. She makes fun more then she picks at me about the collection! We have a great relationship.
retrobok_40x40 Hahah, great to hear! You seem to have an insane love for the Classic in particular, it looks like you have a near-complete set of the 30th anniversary CL collabs? I do love the Classic model in general both the Leather and the Nylon by far my favorite sneaker silhouette. I am missing like 4 or 5 of them, which I kick myself daily for not getting them when they were released. So now I have a checklist of sneakers that I’m always hunting for and when I find them I check them off and move to the next one.
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retrobok_40x40 Do you have a favourite ClassicTo be honest I love them all. But my absolute favorite shoe of all time, which may seem very simple is the Classic Nylon in black and white: that shoe is so iconic and I have had a pair in my possession for at least the last 25 years. Probably been thru 9 to 10 pairs of those!
retrobok_40x40 That’s insane! And super impressive you have a clear favourite model. Reebok Classics continue to release some very attractive makeups and collabs, any recently that have appealed? I really am glad to see Reebok continue to release new refreshed models of the Classic whether it be a collab or a GR. But one recently that has come out the Oktoberfest pack or Triple suede pack, look amazing.
I just wish we here in the states would see more of the Release that you guys in the UK and Europe get to experience.
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retrobok_40x40 I feel your frustration there, it works the other way too when we see releases Stateside which aren’t available in Europe/globally too. Your Rolland Berry Classic Nylon Patents collection is stunning, I have to admit it’s a shoe that I know little about – what can you tell us about those and do you have a complete set? Appreciate that very much, I really dig this collab.
To answer your question I do not have the complete set yet and have been on the search for about 4 years. There are 2 pair that I haven’t found in my size range. The shoes themselves are incredible quality and I personally love the extremely loud color palette.
The Rolland Berry collabs were from the mid 2000’s (’04 to ’07) and this pack was based on the artist (seduction of the innocent) It based highly on the use of color and well from the shoe it is a perfect match up. Rolland Berry has also used the Pro Legacy model, Sir Jams, Pumps, Classic Nylons as canvasses for his art during that time. I would love to be able to complete the set very soon hopefully. So if there is anybody out there that reads this and may have a pair I’m looking for hit me up via instagram LOL.
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retrobok_40x40 If I’m right, this was a pretty early and significant collab for Reebok Classics, considering how much has been happening since? See above…
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retrobok_40x40 Those Yellow/Blue Nylons with the stars on the heelwrap, tell us about those. Those are a really dope pair I found years ago on eBay for next to nothing and were priced 25-35 dollars brand new at the time when I grabbed them. They are from if I correct the World Cup pack which consisted of several sneaker for different countries.
That one is for Brazil and the stars indicate their World Cup wins. I also have a pair for Germany and I know of a pair for Mexico, but to be honest I don’t know the total number of shoes that are in the pack beyond the 3 I’m aware of.
I have found very little info on this pack. But the hunt continues on, I think this is a big reason I still love sneaker to this day.
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retrobok_40x40 Absolutely, those are an unknown to me and quite a surprising pack. Your B-Ball/Hi-top collection is seriously impressive too, it looks like you have quite a few rare OG shoes? Yeah I have I guess rare shoes for this day and age, most from the early to mid/late 90’s. Shrouds from 1997, Vert Hi 1993, Shaq Pump OG, Shaqnosis OG, Big Hurt preseason from 1993, 1991 OG pump AXT, the list goes on.
But that is my channel of focus the older vintage kicks, very few people have these so again it about having my own style and more importantly it keep me young and brings me back to some great times from my teenage years..
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retrobok_40x40 Which shoe in your collection do you find most comfortable? By far the Classics, but I do have a pair of Twilight Zone Pumps that I finding myself going to on a regular basis. But I’m a runner guy first and foremost.
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retrobok_40x40 And your favourite pair? Classic Nylon black and white, but I have an assortment of colorways in the Nylon model… I thinks that is why it is my favorite model, well along with the history from my childhood.
retrobok_40x40 So, away from Reeboks – what other kicks do you have in your collection, and what feelings do you have towards other brands? I have owned a lot of shoes, but in the last several years sold most of them off and stayed true to my love of Reebok. But I still have some Nike, Jordans, Li Ning, Saucony and Asics. I had Roos, Troops and Adidas back in the day, but a lot of my Nike are older OG models that I now own.
retrobok_40x40 Any final messages or thoughts? I think one thing that has kept me in the mix with sneaker in general is I have never been one to chase the “HYPE”.
If I like a shoe its because I like the sneaker or shoe and I tell anybody I talk to that to ‘do it for what you think is a dope kick, not because somebody else tells you it’s dope‘. If the shoe stinks to you well then so be it and vice versa. That’s one thing I would stress to the younger crowd; don’t let yourself be cornered into just one brand or style.
Lastly I really want to thank Retrobok for the time giving to me for this interview. Always great to be able to connect with people. Very much appreciated. I always say stay humble and do your thing and the rest will follow. Thanks so much and hope you the best … be well.
retrobok_40x40 Same goes Brad, great to connect and share our passions – thanks for your time and efforts, and keep in touch! —BokOne
Brad is on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.
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