1994 Pump Graphlite… or are they?


Retrobok recently received an email from László in Hungary, who’s been trying to discover the accurate name for the Pump Graphlites he bought back in 1994. Studying the catalogue scan he sent me (above), as well as the Retrobok Archives, and it remains a bit of a mystery… The catalogue itself clearly states ‘Pump Graphlite’ – perhaps this was a revised version of the shoe, with its’ outer midsole removed fully revealing the graphlite Arc Bridge in all its glory? Any suggestions to the identity of this shoe gratefully received.  —BokOne

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  1. Sidónio Ressurreição

    Hello, BokOne.
    By the visualization of the picture it looks like an lighter model of the pump graphlite… as it is seen under the price tag “Ultra Légère”, which in free translation means “Ultra light”.
    In my opinion, on that page of catalog, by the colors and shape those look like women model shoes.