Pump Graphlite – Version 2, OG 1994 catalogue scans


Following up from my previous post, attempting to identify a Graphlite Pump shoe I’d not seen before, which was sought after by our friend László in Hungary, I got a great email from Reebok Classics themselves who appear to have their own archivist – amazing news! Not only might this help us Retrobok fans identify OG shoe lines, but also underlines Reeboks’ desire to track their product history, something I believe fell by the wayside during various stages of the companys’ history. Read on for more, and more catalogue scans

I’m still trying to piece together some of the exact chronology of the Insta Pump ‘family’, but we do know the Sprint, Trainer and Racer were available in 1993 before the mindbending Fury was released in ’94. Reebok folklore also suggests the Graphlite Pump was released prior to the Fury with it’s outside-middle-midsole filled, so as not to either alarm consumers with its extreme design, or more amusingly, not to reveal the graphlite arc bridges’ technological leap ahead of rivals like Nike.


Pump Graphlite (Version 1) – 2014 retro shown

With the following scans from 1994 Japanese catalogues, provided directly by Claire at Reebok Classics we can see the Pump Graphlite is in profile at least identical to the Fury, albeit with Synthetic Leather uppers and a different outsole design, as well as being offered in 2 colourways – the final image being the shoe that our friend László has been searching for ;


Pump Graphlite (Version 2 – tbc)


Pump Graphlite (Version 2 – tbc)


Pump Graphlite (Version 2 – tbc)

Fortunately I have a Japanese translator handy, who says that none of the Japanese text in these scans reveals anything additional to what us English readers can read. The most telling part of these, which may finally answer László’s question is this little graphic within the scans:


…making these at least the 2nd version of the Graphlite Pump!

Retrobok welcomes any more thoughts, opinion, or catalogue scans to help us understand this exciting era of Reebok Classics history. Thanks again to Claire and László for giving Retrobok the chance to focus on a great shoe.  -BokOne

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  1. Was the best running shoes I ever had. In that days was a futuristic pair of shoes. I loved them. Sorry that is no longer available. Instance pump is good to be back

  2. I had a pair of those in `94 I think.. it was super light and confortable but the fiber arch crack … I loved them. Since then I look for a pair ..

  3. Oh man… I looked for a picture of this pair for years. I had the lime/lilac version. I’m sure I had them before The Fury came out… And I am also sure they came after the (so called) first version. They were out of this world… And since I bought them from another country… they quickly made me the sneaker guru at the time. The only other insane shoe that could compare with these was…