ACT 600 ’85


Sick. Things don’t get much more Retrobok than this. With the clean white Tennis sneaker thing going on at the moment at least here in Oz, where I’m keenly awaiting a pair of the Club C 85 Vintages), I’m so pleased that Reebok Classics have re-‘served’ (ugh) this superb vintage shoe. Read on for more images, original 1985 advert and store links.

And there’s something so refreshingly honest and simple about the ACT 600; just some soft garment leather, simple motion control, dual density midsole and that dipped heel tab. Simple, clean, honest. Check the 2 colourways below, original 1985 magazine ad, and then hit your relevant store link at the bottom of the page.




1986 act600

Available now in 2 colourways from all global Reebok sites, as well as many boutique and Certified Network stores too.

Reebok (US)
Reebok (Sweden)
Reebok (Russia)
…plus all others
Asphalt Gold (Germany)
Hanon Shop (UK)



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  1. This is the first Reebok I remember really wanting. I had had limited exposure to Reebok until I saw these. Never did get them, but like so many other pairs I probably will now!