Classic Leather — Relaunch with Kendrick Lamar

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Reebok Classics‘ brand ambassador Kendrick Lamar dropped into ol’ blighty recently for some surprise appearances and to share much Reebok love. Hit the jump for video, and a shot of Star Wars’ John Boyega rocking a pair of CL’s for himself. —BokOne 

With Reebok Classics relaunching the 1983 Classic Leather, it’s great to see some positive vibes being spread, not forgetting a little attention on those CL’s.

Kendrick says, “With my music, I share and seek for understanding. Through a freedom of expression and originality. This is what Reebok is about- being original and authentic. My memories of Reebok go back to high school when I wore the Classic Leather. It’s a sneaker that identifies with culture and lets you express your own style, lets you stay true to yourself.”  
Regarding the Classic Leather sneaker, “It means originality, self expression, in the most sophisticated, classy way.  It means longevity,” said Kendrick Lamar.  “You can’t really go wrong with wearing Classic Reebok’s.”

Scroll down for store links too.

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Reebok USA — MensWomensGrade SchoolPre SchoolInfant/Toddler
Reebok UK — Mens Womens
Reebok Germany — Mens Womens
Reebok France — Mens Womens

(Note: These are links to the CL with gum sole; there are many other CL lines available such as the sweet CL Lthr Vintage in Japan)


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