World Best ‘OG pack’


Here’s something that should put a smile on a few ‘bokheads faces. I’m super happy to see Reebok Classics fully retro the World Best ; a shoe that moved thinking away from the familiar sidestripes formula and whose outsole was reused on the recent ‘new retro’ GL 1500. Hit the jump for more images, prattle and links. 

2011 to 2012 saw Reebok Classics quietly retro’ing the 1987 World Best in a range of funky colourways. However, the OG makeup was seen fleetingly and never released — check out Retroboks’ World Best Field Guide to see more. V69000_02

This time around we have the accurate  ‘vintage overstretched’ Reebok logo, and a stitched ‘WORLD BEST’ on the heel is accurate – not sure if that’s accurate but I genuinely hope it is; I love it.

I’m interested whether the ‘pack’ in the title implies another colourway or 2, but I’ve not yet seen anything. (update! see below*)

Release date is mentioned as April 1st (hopefully it’s no joke), I’m very excited to get hold of a pair. (One thing to consider if you buy these, is my 2 retro pairs from 2011/2012 run a quite narrow fit, so maybe consider a 1/2 size up). Store links at bottom of page. —BokOneV69000_03V69000_04V69000V69000

Available from Titolo (Switzerland) and The Good Will Out (Germany) and hopefully more stores shortly. —BokOne

*It appears the ‘OG pack’ in the title of these includes more legendary 80’s Reeboks such as the London, seen over at Paxanga.


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