Alien Stomper Mid ‘Bishop’ — coming soon


I’ll admit that even at Retrobok, I’m still unclear as to whether Reebok *officially* released the White/Red/Grey makeup of the ‘Alien Stomper’ shoes worn by Ripley and Bishop in the legendary 1986 movie ‘Aliens’.  Hit the jump for more images, store links and space talk. 

Originally called the ‘Aliens Fighter shoe’, it was in truth a modified BB 5600 Basketball shoe with a velcro strap replacing the laces, a reduced ankle wrap and a ribbed tongue emulating the film props.

I believe it wasn’t until 2003 before Reebok finally retro’d a proper ‘Alien Stomper’ – in a Grey/Grey/Red makeup, but I’m still needing to further research the history of this shoe to find out the truth (please comment here on Retrobok comments, or on the Retrobok Facebook page if you have more information).


But here, a few months shy of the 30th anniversary of the Aliens movie, Reebok Classics are releasing what appears to be the ‘Bishop’ makeup – take a look at the Retrobok ‘Alien Stomper’ Field Guide and it appears that Bishops’ shoes feature the twin reflective 3M strips, I’m wondering whether he wasn’t in fact wearing a low. But there’s no doubt that Ripley was wearing something way above what you’d even describe as a high top.

This release date could possibly set the stage for a ‘Ripley’ edition bang on the anniversary in July.

Finally, and true to Retroboks’ own retentive attitude, you may notice parallels between the Alien Stomper and the recently retro’d ACT600 – with that curved, full-length heel counter wrapping all the way around the heel.


Available around April 25th (exact date TBC) from Asphalt Gold (Germany) and hopefully many more global stores – watch this space!

Thanks again to BokTwo (Dixy) for the heads up on this one! —BokOne


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