Alien Stomper ‘Super High’ Ellen Ripley — coming soon


As predicted by Retrobok following the recent news about the ‘Bishop’ edition Alien Stomper; lo and behold and finally… finallyReebok Classics are to release the first ever mainstream edition of the ‘Alien Stomper’ film prop worn by Sigourney Weaver in the mindblowing 1986 Aliens movie. Read on for more images, comms chatter and release date. 

Originally entitled the ‘Aliens Fighter Shoe’, the ‘Alien Stomper’ release date is set on ‘Alien Day’: April 26th 2016 – a recently announced Twentieth Century Fox 30th anniversary global celebration of the Alien franchise. I was curious about this as Aliens (in which the Alien Stomper features) was released on July 18th 1986 (fyi the date 4/26 refers to the planet LV426 from the movies) but all the better as these super hi-tops will be available sooner than expected.

This release will also open up the brand to considerable interest from different quarters; notably Cosplayers and Film fans to whom the Reebok/Reebok Classics brands would be relatively unknown. And don’t forget that Reebok have attempted to woo the latter category with other Film and Characters franchises; notably Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddie Kruger), Blade Runner and Indiana Jones editions of the Alien Stomper — check out the Retrobok ‘Alien Stomper Field Guide’ to check those out.

In the meantime, check out some more photos of these insane shoes — so happy Reebok Classics are to release these. I’ll attempt to provide Store release info as and when my radar blips. I’ll be sure to check the ceiling too 😉 —BokOne


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