Retrobok Wallpapers #1 — Alien Stompers


About time I prepared some Mobile and Desktop Wallpapers for you ‘bok fans to download and use as you see fit. First round of wallpapers are -of course- the 2 x Alien Stomper models releasing in 2 days time, including  shoe data, retro scanlines and the Retrobok logo.

If these prove popular, I’ll definitely prepare some more on a regular basis. Hit the jump for the wallpapers! —BokOne 

Desktop (Landscape)
Note – Wallpapers take into account the position of the Windows taskbar and OSX dock.

Mobile (Portrait)
For iPhone/Android users I’ve included wallpapers without the Retrobok logo to allow full use of app icons (note – the logo versions allow app icons to be placed around the Retrobok logo). 

Enjoy! —BokOne


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