Collectors wanted for Collectors Features.


The door is still open for any Reebok-heads with a collection, including some of you who have already contacted Retrobok in the past. Message me using the Contact page here on the site, or via Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to check out the 7 superb features so far! —BokOne

Retrobok — Collectors Feature #1 — Alexander Schuh (Germany)
Retrobok — Collectors Feature #2 — Russell ‘Bobby Necro’ Hall (UK)

Retrobok — Collectors Feature #3 — Etienne Malaquin (PumpMyLife, France)
Retrobok — Collectors Feature #4 — Jake Montana (TeamReebok1895, USA)
Retrobok — Collectors Feature #5 — Piotr ‘Natty’ Kaczmarek
Retrobok — Collectors Feature #6 — Tristin Kennedy (Canada)
Retrobok — Collectors Feature #7 — Brad Spriggs (USA)



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  1. Tristin Kennedy

    Can’t wait for the new one. My collection is almost to 40. Wish I could do again, I love your whole everything. How’s the baby?

    • All good mate, no reason we can’t revisit your collection in the future – keep in touch and don’t forget you’re welcome to contribute reviews/photos of any new pickups you get too 🙂 Peace

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