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Pickup & Macros — Sneaker Politics NPC ‘Storyville’


Oozing class with its’ quilted burgundy leather, lingerie-inspired laceloops, gum sole and trick lining; Sneaker Politics’ treatment to the NPC UK is something to behold. Hit the jump to behold them in a bit more detail….  Read the rest of this entry

How Reebok signed Kendrick Lamar

Blindingly-good interview by Complex with Reeboks’ Director of Entertainment Marketing Damion Presson, telling the story of how Reebok and Kendrick Lamar worked together.

The shoes had a message to them, so it was more than just Reebok putting out a shoe with another artist. These shoes are speaking to the youth in a different way, as opposed to how the other artists are putting out footwear… I think that Kendrick has a message behind his shoes.


From a personal point-of-view, the collaborations’ real success is ‘authenticity in message‘, and long may it continue. Hit the jump over to Complex to read one of the best Reebok interviews for a while now. -BokOne

Sneaker Politics X NPC UK ‘Storyville’

With quilted maroon leather uppers and insoles mimicking a brothels’ velvet walls, these are possibly the most luxe-looking, and lush collaborations I’ve seen for a while. Sneaker Politics have been inspired by the infamous New Orleans’ Storyville Red Light District and treated the Newport Classic (NPC UK) like nothing else seen before.

Released May 20 at Sneaker Politics’s Lafayette and Baton Rouge locations, these should be online on May 21st. Click the jump for more images of this sassy-looking, luxe shoe. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Reebok Classic – Stockboy: Packer Shoes

First in a series of a superb concept of short films from Reebok Classics, I’ll let Reebok describe the concept best:

We take you behind the scenes of the worlds finest sneaker retailers, away from the shop floor, into the world of the Stockboy. He’s the guy (or girl) who’s got the lowdown on the latest release, who still gets the buzz from a fresh delivery and who lives an inspirational life outside of the day to day. Kicking off the series, in line with the release of their interpretation of the reworked Phase 1 Pro, Reebok and Packer Shoes introduce us to 25 year-old Stan Chan.

Check out the video above, and those Packer X Reebok Phase One Pro collabs! —BokOne

Hypebeast — Why Is the Reebok Instapump Fury So Popular in Asia?


This great question is asked over on Hypebeast, providing a few interesting insights.

However, I’m a little disappointed with the article including vapid Reebok PR answers (example — “Combining the Pump technology with its unique look, the Instapump Fury is not only a pair of sports shoes, but also works for street-style outfits“)… you don’t say!

Yes, I AM being picky 😉 Hit the jump over to Hypebeast now. —BokOne

Pickup — Alien Stomper High, Mid


Very very very fortunate to get hold of both the Mid and High editions of the Alien Stomper today. I’ll endeavour to take some macro photos and offer thoughts ASAP (my polished concrete garage floor looks an ideal setting for photos… I’m a bit low on Acid Blood sadly). Big big thanks again to ADC 😉 —BokOne

Ventilator Supreme R90 — Spring/Summer Pack


Another very tidy set of makeups on the brutal Ventilator Supreme ; the Black/Yellow/Orange is probably the strongest here (and growing on me the more I look at them) but I really like the colour balancing on the Grey/Pink/Navy and White/Aquamarine/Purple pairs too – fresh is definitely the word. I’m not entirely clear about the R90 nomenclature, but that’s how they’re detailed on Reeboks’ UK site at least.

Hit the jump for more photos and store links. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry