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Beauty & Youth X NPC II


Back at the start of the year, Reebok Classic pronounced 2016 the ‘Year of Court’ with a set of re-releases of iconic shoes such as the Club C, NPC, NPC UK and Phase 1 Pro. Since then, they’ve also been working hard releasing Court classics with collaborators such as Highs and Lows, Garbstore, Hall of Fame, Social Status, Beams, Burn Rubber, mita, Packer and Extra Butter to name… well most of them.

These super-clean NPC II’s are set to be available 1st July from Japans’ Beauty & Youth. -BokOne


mita X Phase 1 Pro ‘Woodgrain’


Surprising treatment to the ’84 Tennis classic ‘Phase 1 Pro’, with Japans’ mita decking (ha) out much of the upper with a woodgrain effect, apparently in a nod to the days of Wooden Tennis Racquets. The toe box and heel tab have been left clean with a simple tan suede, while other details include a gum sole, chain-link insole print, dual branded tongue and white lacing.

Hit the jump for more photos of this fascinating shoe, release date and yet more poorly-chosen wooden wordplay. Read the rest of this entry

Retrobok Wallpapers #2 — GL6000 OG

Wallpaper #2 — GL 6000 OG


Second in a series of Retrobok-prepared Wallpapers, this time featuring a true legend; the 1985 GL6000. Please note that this is the 2015 retro, necessary due to sourcing high-quality photography. —BokOne 

Desktop (Landscape)
4k (4096 x 2160) — UHD1 (3480 x 2160) — QHD Ultrawide (3440 x 1440) — QSXGA (2560 x 1600) — WUXGA (1920 x 1200) — Full HD (1920 x 1080) — HD 720 (1280 x 720)

Mobile (Portrait)
For iPhone/Android users I’ve included wallpapers without the Retrobok logo to allow full use of app icons.
iPhone 6 Plus/Android (1080 x 1920 portrait) —  iPhone 6 Plus/Android (1080 x 1920 portrait, no logo) — iPhone 6 (740 x 1334 portrait) — iPhone 6 (740 x 1334 portrait, no logo) — iPhone 5 (640 x 1136) — iPhone 5 (640 x 1136, no logo)

Packer X Ventilator Supreme – 4 Seasons ‘Spring’


Packer wrap up their ‘4 Seasons‘ collaboration series with Reebok with these; a delicious makeup of the Ventilator Supreme, which follow on from their Furylite Chukka ‘Winter’, LX8500 ‘Autumn’ and Ventilator ‘Summer’. Hit the jump for more photos, release date and store links.  Read the rest of this entry

Kendrick Lamar X Reebok Classic QS


Kendrick Lamar returns with another Reebok collaboration, this time working with Garbstores’ Ian Paley; a man who’s own Reebok collaborations – predominantly featuring the ‘outside in’ concept – have been praised by many, myself included. Hit the jump for more images and thoughts.  Read the rest of this entry

X-Girl Japan X Pump Fury


Japans’ X-Girl has collaborated with Reebok Classic on a few occasions now, and there’s no doubt that they are achieving some very eye-catching results. This starry-treatment is no exception, and the Pink colour blocking on the rear midsole feels particularly unique on a shoe that is no stranger to dozens – if not hundreds – of wild makeups over the years.

The other great part to celebrate is the collab focus onto a Womens’ shoe; and while there have been quite a few recent Womens makeups of the Fury (Jungle Book, Jungle Grrl, Celebrate etc..) there are arguably not enough of those, and definitely warranted a post here on Retrobok. Watch out, these could become highly collectible…

Hit the jump for some more photos, store links and release date. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

World Best — 2 more colourways


Just spotted these new World Best colourways over on Reebok USA, additional to the OG colourway (Chalk/Grey/Red) that was released a few weeks ago. Absolutely loving the Chalk/Gold/Navy pair in particular; the matte gold touches are just on point. Currently available at Reebok USA – or click the shoe images above to jump directly. —BokOne

Rapide OG available now in Korea


Two initial colourways for the 1995 Rapide OG are now available at ABC Mart in South Korea. No sign of the Rapide surfacing over at Japans’ ABC Mart outlets however, let’s hope this isn’t just a Korean-only release. -BokOne

ABC Mart (Korea) – White/Navy/Black
ABC Mart (Korea) – White/Signal Red/Blue

The Rapide is BACK!


It’s funny how the little things in life are often the most satisfying. Originating in the mid-80’s, the Rapide was Reeboks’ entry-level lightweight trainer/runner, and if I recall correctly was hugely popular, alongside shoes like the slightly more expensive Royale.

I’ve been awaiting a retro of the 1986 Rapide – my first ‘boks – for a very long time. But it’s still hugely exciting to see its’ 1995 namesake make a re-appearance, shown in 2 colourways at this time.

Yet the Rapide has an interesting history of its’ own… hit the jump to read more.  Read the rest of this entry

Reebok Classic – Stockboy: Extra Butter

Third in the ongoing series of shorts from Reebok Classic, telling the stories of stockboys at Reebok Certified Network stores around the world. -BokOne

We take you behind the scenes of the worlds finest sneaker retailers, away from the shop floor, into the world of the Stockboy. He’s the guy (or girl) who’s got the lowdown on the latest release, who still gets the buzz from a fresh delivery and who lives an inspirational life outside of the day to day. In episode 3 of this series, in line with the release of their interpretations of the reworked Club C and NPC UK’s, Reebok and Extra Butter introduce us to 19 year-old Jesse Angel.

Collector Feature #8 — Sneaker Grandpa


Retrobok is proud to present its’ 8th Collector Feature, this time with Instagram legend ‘Sneaker Grandpa’ (real name Patrick Dempsey) from the US who doesn’t mince his words on quality… Hit the jump, it’s a mammoth interview! Read the rest of this entry

Sneaker Politics x Instapump Fury – ‘Seersucker Thursday’


It’s rare for Sneakers and Politics to mix, and quite literal to their store name, Sneaker Politics is dropping these curious Pump Fury OG’s in a few days time.

Inspired by ‘Seersucker Thursday’ – an annual event where Southern-state US senators attend (Northern-state based) Congress wearing Seersucker suits and apparel in order to bring a little ‘Southern flavor’ to Washington, these Furys offer a refreshing twist just in time for a US Summer.

I wasn’t aware of Seersucker, so here’s some enlightenment via Wikipedia:

Seersucker is a thin, puckered, all-cotton fabric, commonly striped or chequered, used to make clothing for spring and summer wear. Seersucker is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together, giving the fabric a wrinkled appearance in places. This … causes the fabric to be mostly held away from the skin when worn, facilitating heat dissipation and air circulation.

…The material was considered a mainstay of the summer wardrobe of gentlemen, especially in the South (US), who favored the light fabric in the high heat and humidity of the summer, prior to the arrival of air conditioning.

Hit the jump for more photos, store link and release date. -BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Reebok Classic – Stockboy: Sneaker Politics

Second in this great storytelling concept from Reebok Classics this time features Stockboy Ezra Babineaux at Sneaker Politics New Orleans, and includes their recent luxe makeup of the NPC UK; ‘Storyville’. Don’t forget to check out the Retrobok macro pics of my own pair here-BokOne

We take you behind the scenes of the worlds finest sneaker retailers, away from the shop floor, into the world of the Stockboy. He’s the guy (or girl) who’s got the lowdown on the latest release, who still gets the buzz from a fresh delivery and who lives an inspirational life outside of the day to day. In episode 2 of this series, in line with the release of their interpretation of the reworked NPC UK, Reebok and Sneaker Politics introduce us to 23 year-old Ezra Babineaux.