The Rapide is BACK!


It’s funny how the little things in life are often the most satisfying. Originating in the mid-80’s, the Rapide was Reeboks’ entry-level lightweight trainer/runner, and if I recall correctly was hugely popular, alongside shoes like the slightly more expensive Royale.

I’ve been awaiting a retro of the 1986 Rapide – my first ‘boks – for a very long time. But it’s still hugely exciting to see its’ 1995 namesake make a re-appearance, shown in 2 colourways at this time.

Yet the Rapide has an interesting history of its’ own… hit the jump to read more. 

From what I’m aware, there were no Womens’ equivalents of the ’86 Rapide, yet with the ’91 and ’95 variants, the Women had their own shoe – and name – to identify with.

‘Etoile’ is a French word meaning ‘star’, and there’s an interesting lineage with similar 80’s ‘boks such as the Paris Runner, Womens’ LC 3000 and Mens CL 1500.

It’s also notable that Reebok Classic have chosen not to re-use the name, particularly with these early promo photographs featuring female Korean models. That said, many of the shoes on Reebok Korea are identified as ‘Unisex’ so the reasons maybe practical.


Below is a quick visual recap of the Rapide – and Etoile – since the first shoes in ’86. Remember to check out the 80s Media and 90s Media sections where these exist in Catalogues scanned by – and archived at – Retrobok.

No signs of the shoe available online as yet, but I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open. Images via Reebok CLASSIC Forever (Reebok Korea) on Facebook. —BokOne

Reebok Korea (Womens Classics)
Reebok Korea (Mens Classics)


1986 Rapide (Mens)


1986 Rapide (Mens)



1991 Etoile (Womens)


1991 Rapide (Mens)

RapideII 1993

1991 Rapide (Mens 2nd colourway)


1995 Etoile (Womens)


1995 Rapide (Mens)


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