London TC —Unboxing & Macros


The 1983 Reebok London is a bit of a rarety within the current release of retros’ from Reebok Classic, primarily as it was a true road-race shoe back in the day. It also sits alongside last years release of the Aztec OG in this regard; especially when you experience the shoes side-by-side each having a lightness and thinness that even modern Nike runners would find hard to match.

Beyond this, the London TC has a parallel with recent Kendrick Lamar collabs that may surprise you. Hit the jump for more macros and eulogizing…

There’s a slightly unspoken thing about the London TC, which I can only put politely as this: it’s a bit funny looking. With its thicker-than-normal toe wrap, simple hand-stitching, tightly placed logo window beneath the eyestay, single-density midsole and the most basic looking Vibram sole; there’s a rather innocent naivety to the Londons’ appearance.

Check the unboxing and macro images of my own pair below —



The London TC‘s apparently naive appearance does bely its’ original purpose; it’s an incredibly light and stable road-racing shoe (evident particularly in its near-flat Vibram sole seen above) and is board lasted, which provides improved stability over flexibility.

Board Lasted:  Board lasted shoes have a firm board that provides a rigid platform for the foot.  Boards are often made of plastic or cardboard. Board lasted shoes are the most stable but are less common in today’s running shoes.

The other significant quirk to the London was of course it’s Red/Blue colour asymmetry ; something that may not be lost on fans of the recent Kendrick Lamar collabs. Back in the early 80’s, asymmetrical clothing was a bold statement – the equivalent of wearing mismatching socks (actually, now I think about it, this was a thing at the time…) but the Red-White-Blue colourway —representing the Union Jack— gave the London a pretty patriotic and individual feel.

Reebok Classic have done a superb job in retro’ing the London TC which is a true Retrobok shoe; born in the early 80’s when Reebok was expanding at an incredible rate, and with a purely athletic purpose, it takes pride of place in my own collection. With thanks to Angela at Reebok for helping me source these. —BokOne

Check out Retroboks’ 80’s media page, featuring a number of adverts with the OG London shown.


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  1. I love my WBs n Londons. Took thr words right outta my mouth about the lightweigth, almost translucent cloud like @reebokreppin