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Reebok Classic – Stockboy: Bodega

We take you behind the scenes of the world’s finest sneaker retailers, away from the shop floor, into the world of the Stockboy. He’s the guy (or girl) who’s got the lowdown on the latest release, who still gets the buzz from a fresh delivery and who lives an inspirational life outside of the day to day. In episode 6 of this series, in line with the release of their interpretations of the reworked NPC UK, Reebok and Bodega introduce us to 30 year old Lee Beard.

Collector Feature #9 — Kevin Hoyle (New Zealand)

wall (1)

For Retrobok Collector Feature #9, we have a big guy from a small island, with an insane collection and a passion that is simply off the scale. Hit the jump to witness possibly the most impressive collection and display you’ve ever seen….  Read the rest of this entry

GL snaps from BokTwo

dixy (1)

Dixy – aka BokTwo – is a longtime contributor and has been an invaluable moral Retrobok supporter since we ‘met’ a few years back on the old Crooked Tongues forums (RIP to that legendary place). He’s also a man I’ve been trying to convince to run a Collectors Feature on, particularly as he has a tidy collection with some real OG ‘boks… He recently picked up some GL 3000’s (a ‘new retro’) and took these tidy snaps with others in the GL family – he has many more fwiw 😉 Hit the jump for more angles. -BokOne  Read the rest of this entry