Graphlite Pro — Macros


The 1993 Graphlite Pro is an insane shoe. Period. Packing Hexalite, a half-cut carbon fiber arch bridge, semi-structural crosschecks, a hyper-light zigzagging laceloop rail, and a ridiculous amount of design details (every one of them impeccably executed on my pair), it’s actually their lightweight that astounds most. Hit the jump for macro photos. 


I mean, it just looks like it must be a heavy shoe – but is lighter than my Pump Graphlite retros (based on a rather unscientific test involving me holding each in a different hand).

Part of the 2nd wave of Graphlite releases back in ’93, I believe it was first touted as a Running Shoe (corrected – not Tennis shoe), then later in ’95 as a runnable cross-trainer.


The Graphlite Pro seems to be available in Europe only, sorry for those of you elsewhere. Here’s a few stores:

Hanon (UK – Solid Red Colourway)Foot Patrol (UK)Corner Street (France)SNS (Sweden)



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