DMX Run 10 @ 20


The 1997 DMX Run 10 was the first shoe to use Reeboks’ own moving air technology; channeling air between the forefoot and the heel as the wearer ran. While Reebok had previously used licensed Energaire technology (which also channeled air between internal reservoirs) as early as 1991, DMX (short for Dynamax, and a development of the earlier Dynamic Cushioning System) was considerably more developed tech.

While I’ll openly admit I’ve never been a fan of the shoes’ appearance; these 2 latest makeups of the shoe in premium suede are muted and particularly smart.

Available August 17th from Caliroots (Sweden) – I’m not seeing any other stockists as yet (although you can pick up other colourways currently). -BokOne

DMX 10 (Chalk/White/Ice)

DMX 10 (Black/White/Ice)


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  1. Is the DMX real again? Like actual flowing air? I loved the originals, and I still like my retros, but the DMX is just a name on Reebok retros that “feature” it. Really hoping these ones have it happening, as it’s still my favourite cushioning tech.

  2. I hope so too! Still need to get hold of a pair myself to find out 😀