Floatride 6000 — Available now

Floatride6000 (5)_preview

Visually inspired by the 1985 GL 6000, Reebok have just released their newest lightweight, Floatride gym/street shoe in 4 makeups (yeah those 2 grey ones are different). Looking forward to getting my hands on these shortly. —BokOne

Currently only available from Reebok US
Seen from my current location in Japan I’ve been having problems seeing the Reebok US site, from any devices – so fingers crossed the US link works for you.

Hit the jump to see the other 3 makeups…

Floatride6000 (10)_preview

Floatride6000_5_previewFloatride6000_2_previewFloatride6000 _preview


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  1. Interesting, but cheap, painted midsole inserts mean that I won’t be buying them. It’s like extra exhausts on a sports car, or dials on a watch face – if they don’t function, it’s naff.

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