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Collector Feature #9 — Kevin Hoyle (New Zealand)

wall (1)

For Retrobok Collector Feature #9, we have a big guy from a small island, with an insane collection and a passion that is simply off the scale. Hit the jump to witness possibly the most impressive collection and display you’ve ever seen….  Read the rest of this entry

Collector Feature #8 — Sneaker Grandpa


Retrobok is proud to present its’ 8th Collector Feature, this time with Instagram legend ‘Sneaker Grandpa’ (real name Patrick Dempsey) from the US who doesn’t mince his words on quality… Hit the jump, it’s a mammoth interview! Read the rest of this entry

Collectors Feature #6 — Tristin Kennedy (Canada)


Retrobok is pleased to present its 6th Collectors Feature; this time with a young Canadian with a fresh collection, an equally fresh wardrobe and his own individual approach to life. Tristin has also managed to set the bar high with the photography of his collection. Read on!  Read the rest of this entry

Feature — David Foster: Creating the Victory GTI Road Trainer.


Some more fascinating insights into the making of 80’s Reebok runners from David Foster.

David is the 8th generation of the Foster family involved in shoemaking — his Father Joe and Uncle Jeff started Reebok from the ashes of the J.W. Fosters company in 1958. David himself was directly involved in the design and manufacture of some of Reeboks’ most succesful shoes in the 1980’s.

Click on for more.
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Collectors Feature #4 — Jake Montana

retrobok_f4 (13)
It feels great to start 2015 early with a new collectors feature, this time with a New Yorker with a strong focus on collabs, a mighty collection, and a highly-followed Instagram feed to round it all off. Click the jump to begin…

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The Fjell Running series (’88-’89) and related shoes — a brief history from David Foster

Fjell Runner
I was extremely happy to see David Foster post up some of his memories of one of the last Reebok shoes handmade in Bolton, UK. Even happier as the Fjell series – particularly for their matching colourways and innovative tech – are some of my all-time favourite Retroboks – alongside some other personal favourites such as the PB and World Best.

It was a bittersweet time for Reebok as a company, as the transition to it becoming a completely USA-based was by then nearly complete. Hit the jump to read Davids’ annotations on the Fjells and a range of related shoes, back in the late 1980’s. Retrobok hopes to garner more from Davids’ memory in time.

With thanks to Stephen at Reebok Shoe Archive for some of the images below. —BokOne

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JW Fosters advertisements (1965—1970)

JW Sept 1970

“Apollo” training shoe, September 1970 (year TBC)

Another set of superb adverts showcasing some of the JW Fosters companys’ output in the later years of it’s existence. Remembering that in 1958, Reebok had been formed by disgruntled Foster family members seeing what Adidas and Puma were achieving with cheaper technology, thus leaving the original JW Fosters company to struggle onward. Continue reading… Read the rest of this entry

Collector Feature #3 — Etienne Malaquin


 Hi Etienne — Please tell us about yourself  – where you’re from, what you do.
Hi Retrobok, I’m Etienne, 23 years old, I live in Paris (France) and I’m a seller in a Sneakers Shop, Size? Paris.

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More 80’s Catalogue scan additions!


I’m very happy to announce further additions to the burgeoning Media section with a superb set of scans of late 80’s Reebok Catalogues, Flyers and Brochures. Added are 3 x 1988 mini-catalogues (covers shown above), mini leaflets for the 1986 RTP, Rugged Walker, and later Step Trainer Pro, and a 1990 mini-brochure for the Pump range. Read on for more.  Read the rest of this entry

Field Guide XL — CL 30th Anniversary Collabs

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Classic Leather, Reebok Classics pulled out all the stops by collaborating with global Stores, Artists and Journalists to create some of the finest – and memorable – makeups of this legendary shoe.

Retrobok has pieced together every single collobaration, all available data, and shoe closeups for reference.

It’s been one hell of a year, so let’s get started … Retrobok_ICONNEW

Corrections welcomed. Many image resources used within
this article are via Hypebeast, and are used with respect.  Read the rest of this entry

Classic Leather — 30th Anniversary interview with David Foster

For the 30th Anniversary of the 1983 Reebok Classic Leather,
Retrobok approached David Foster with some more questions
to unearth the early history of this now-legendary shoe.

David is the 8th generation of the Foster family — his father Joe and uncle Jeff
started Reebok from the ashes of the J.W. Fosters company in 1958. He was
directly involved in the design and manufacture of some of 
most successful shoes in the 1980’s. He now runs his own footwear company.

He was kind enough to take time to answer Retroboks’ questions,
and also speaks his mind. Click on to read. —BokOne

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Reebok Germany 1990 — It’s shoe time!

Huge thanks to Alexander Schuh for sending me this 1990 Reebok Germany catalogue, which I’ve scanned and added to the Media section. This is a superb piece of archival material featuring ERS, Pumps (including schematic illustrations for different shoe applications), Hexalite, XT series Cross-Trainers, many Womens colourways, and no-frills Tennis shoes too. Plenty more work here for BokOne to update the 1990’s Retrobok Shoe Archives too… Thanks again to Alex 😀 1990 Reebok Germany Catalogue —BokOne

Pickup & Review — Shaq Attaq 2013 Retro

Huge thanks go to Retrobok visitor and contributor Russell ‘Bobby Necro’ Hall for his photos & review of the 2013 Shaq Attaq retro. Read on for the full review! —BokOne

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New Features section

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the new FEATURES section appear within the Main Menu strip above. This follows from the HISTORY section as a convenient way of accessing more significant feature posts here on Retrobok — the recent Collector Features for example. More to be added soon! —BokOne