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Pro Workout Mid-Cut OG — detailed photos


Now this is a genuine bad boys shoe. And I would know, because I went to school with a bad boy who wore these. Somehow the look of this shoe just exudes trouble; the kind of kid who had a cocky swagger, a cheeky look in his eye, and  quite possibly your lunch money.

Exact year is TBC but we’re around 1987 and 1988, and Reebok shoe styling is starting to move from the simpler, naive look of the early-to-mid 80’s, to a more aggressive designed look — and the Workout Pro is a great example of this slightly uneasy shift.

It did strange things like sport a huge wrap-over lace strap, pack a curious flat-deck feature on the ankle collar (trust me, it doesn’t do anything for comfort on the Low version of this shoe), and drop the Reebok side-window to an impossibly low position. Everything about it sits uneasily. Perhaps that’s why it has a certain less-than-positive reputation —  and I think we all love it for that reason 😉

This superb OG pair (still with its original card insert) is currently available from eBay seller jerico_st.adrian — more images and direct link after the jump. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

CL 1000 Womens OG — Detailed pics



More sublime pics of a mint, deadstock pair of Retroboks from US eBay seller jerico_st.adrian, with these mid-80’s CL 1000 Womens in a fetching Baby Pink and Sand colourway. Great to see the seller go to great lengths to show all aspects of the shoe, inside and out – as well as the OG box.

I notice the CL 1000 shared its outsole with the 1986 Rapide (yep, my first pair of Reeboks); the Pink Reebok logo on these CL 1000’s outsole is a really neat touch. 

More pics after the jump, head to jerico_st.adrians eBay page to see more amazing deadstock runners. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

GL 6100 OG — Detailed photos

image (3)

Fantastically detailed photos of a legendary Retrobok shoe, the GL 6100 — an ‘improved’ version of the GL 6000 from 1987 with a mix of Nylon and Nappa Pigskin upper, revised heel stability clip (notice the different shape and patterning), the same outsole as far as I’m aware, and that slightly funky split Reebok logo in the side window.

The eBay seller (USA) has some other very interesting shoes, which I’ll post up about shortly. Thanks to BokTwo for the heads up! Hit the jump for more pics, let’s hope Reebok Classics consider adding this to future Retro releases… —BokOne

Original GL 6100 Advert Read the rest of this entry

GL 2620 — More colourways (Australia)


3 new colourways of the budget GL 6000 shoe, the GL 2620 have recently appeared in Australian stores, with the particularly tidy Burgundy/White/Greys shown above. Head over to personal favourite (and independent store) Laced for the Burgundys, or Culture Kings for a choice of all three. —BokOne

Garbstore X Reebok Classics — Pump Running Dual Mid


Fascinating new collaboration between Garbstore and Reebok Classics with the creation of an entirely new silhouette — the Pump Running Dual Mid.

Part of a 2014 Fall/Winter collection, Garbstore have been killing it with their Outside-In makeups of classic Reebok runners, and this feels like a level above – the first time the Pump Running Dual has had any significant changes since its original 1991 release. 2 colourways are shown and should be forthcoming at Reebok stockists (and Garbstore themselves) between now and December. Click on for pics of the 2 colourways. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

RT 1000 — New retro tennis shoe from Reebok Classics?


Now, I’ll have to tread carefully here as I’m not the most knowledgeable on Reebok Classics’ tennis shoes over the years — but I don’t ever remember seeing any with XX NNNN namings before as they’ve usually had the words Court, Pro or, yep, Tennis in them. This RT 1000 feels like it must follow from Reeboks ‘new retro’ releases such as the GL 1500, ERS 1500 and CR 1000 (there’s always a chance that RT may refer to Road/Track – but I’m thinking Reebok Tennis is more likely 🙂 )

Note that these haven’t been released in a White colourway just yet, but I’ll post whenever I see them. Reebok UK —BokOne

And damn… I’ve just remembed the most obvious one: ACT 600. Gah! back to the Retrobok archives for me 😉

GL 1500 Athletic — 3 new colourways


Recently appearing at Reebok UK are 3 new colourways of the ‘new retro’ GL 1500 — a shoe I’ve yet to pick up (slacker) but I love due to it’s use of the World Best mid and outsoles – slimmer than used on many other mid-80’s Retroboks. Reebok UK. —BokOne

Reebok Classic Sport ‘Aztec’


Look, this wasn’t intended to be ‘Titolo night’ here at Retrobok HQ, but I appreciate it seems to be turning out that way. I guess its testament to the insane range of retroboks the Swiss store stocks (try saying that after a couple of Swiss Kirschwassers….!).

Those of you familiar with the lineage of the original Aztec and other shoes using it’s striking colourway will of course know that only last year the Reebok Classic was released by Packer store in an almost indentical makeup.

Now I don’t yet own a pair of Classic Sports, but one key visible difference is that it runs a different outsole, with chunkier widely-spaced treads. It’s a nicely done shoe, for sure – available now from, yep, Titolo (Swizerland). —BokOne


More GL 2620 colourways

Capture2 Capture

The still-mysteriously titled ‘budget GL 6000’ GL 2620 shoe has earned another set of colourways – these 2 popping up on Titolo recently. The GL 2620 colourways are certainly getting into their stride, and both of these are appealing in a very Manly kinda way. Direct links out to the colourways below. —BokOne

Burgundy/Seagull/White — Navy/Red/Black

New CR 1000 retro shoe

Reebok DL 1400/5000 fans here’s something to get (slightly) excited about — Reebok have released a new retro-inspired shoe feauturing the PhaseI/II midsole, CL heeltab, familiar little toebox tab and those unmistakable full-length sidestripes… I don’t want to cast false hopes out into the yonder of the net, but could this be a hint that the DL range is being looked at by Reebok Classics?

Certainly at the rate that retros are being produced we could see some of these long-remembered classic runners being re-visited finally — there’s certainly a hard core of us longing for the DL range to make a comeback.

Reebok Classics: please consider it 🙂

For now, hit the jump for the second colourways of the new CR-1000, store link, and archive photos of the DL 1400 and 5000. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Vintage Reebok Windbreakers

reebok_black_green_blue (8 of 10)reebok_female (1 of 10)reebok_green_blue (2 of 10)

Perennial Merchants dropped me a message recently, telling me about their stock of Vintage Reebok Windbreakers — pretty rare to see a collection like this, if you like what you see you head over to their store and check them out. Perennial Merchants (US) —BokOne

Sneaker Freaker — 20 years of the Insta Pump Fury

Superb Sneaker Freaker video featuring Reebok heavyweights Paul Litchfield and Retrobok-visitor Steven Smith talking about the impact and legacy of the OG InstaPump Fury, and the current collaborations in celebration of it’s 20th anniversary. Enjoy! —BokOne

OG Reebok VTS in detail


Retrobok visitor Paul Gallagher was kind enough to post a number of detailed photos of his OG VTS Trainer to the Retrobok Facebook page.

Photos of vintage Reeboks like this are surprisingly rare, more usually appearing in eBay adverts. I’ve little information on the VTS myself, other than there was a range of 3 Mens’ colourways and 2 Kids, shown in a 1982 catalogue. These can be seen, separated in the 80’s section of the Retrobok Shoe Archive and also posted below. Click to read on. Read the rest of this entry

JW Fosters advertisements (1965—1970)

JW Sept 1970

“Apollo” training shoe, September 1970 (year TBC)

Another set of superb adverts showcasing some of the JW Fosters companys’ output in the later years of it’s existence. Remembering that in 1958, Reebok had been formed by disgruntled Foster family members seeing what Adidas and Puma were achieving with cheaper technology, thus leaving the original JW Fosters company to struggle onward. Continue reading… Read the rest of this entry

GL 2620 — 4 new colourways


The GL 26260, affectionately known here at Retrobok as the ‘budget GL 6000′ has appeared in at least 4 new, more single tone colourways. The initial samples were somewhat off the wall, with Reebok Classics mixing up some pretty strange colours combos which others wouldn’t. Read on for more waffle, photos and links…  Read the rest of this entry