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Review — Inferno (Swag Orange/White)


Reebok Classics were sweet enough to send me a pair of these super-bright ‘Swag’ orange Infernos recently, so I thought it’d be fair to post a quick review of them. Read the rest of this entry

TDL GL 6000 (Black/White/Pebble) available 29th August


Just a reminder that the Distinct Life GL 6000‘s are available tomorrow from a few select Reebok stockists globally.

Black GL 6000‘s literally fly off the shelves, and these with the TDL touches and attention to detail (such as the camo embossed leather, gum sole and lace pendant) should be no exception. Hit the jump for a couple more juicy images, and the store links! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator — ‘Grape’


And to round off tonights thoroughly fruit-inspired theme are these ‘Grape’ Ventilators: lush!

Sneaker Politics (USA) More pics…. jump… you get the idea! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator — ‘Raspberry’


Seems to be a strongly fruity theme with this latest set of Ventilator releases, with these Raspberrys stepping up to the mark. Sneaker Politics don’t list these as Womens (which I did wonder about) but to be honest, a colourway this good works either way. Hit the jump for more juicy shots! Sneaker Politics (USA) —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Ventilator — Rebel Berry (Womens)


Following on from the GL 6000 post featuring a pair of red Womens 6000’s in the ‘Rebel Berry’ colourway descriptor, are these (can I call them ‘Sister’ pair?) of Womens Ventilators which run a sweet gradiated colourway and a gum outsole. Hit the jump for a couple more images! Wish (Atlanta, USA). —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — Many new colourways


Reebok Classics are pumping out the 6000 with a fresh batch of rather juicy, tasty new colourways. The 2 above are Womens, with the 5 below (after the jump) are Mens, with some interesting treatment to the uppers. Most of these are available from Reebok (USA), with the Red ‘Rebel Berry’ colourway available from Wish (Atlanta) and a few colourways appearing at Reebok UK. Thanks yet again to Piotr for the heads up 😉 —BokOne
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GL 6000 RG — Sandtrap/Pebble/Chalk/Grey


UPDATED! This colourway (although not immediately obvious from the PR photos, showing what appears to be a Man in blue jeans wearing them…) is apparently only in Womens’ sizes – and is available from Reebok UK too. (thanks again to Piotr).

Very clean treatment to the 6000, featuring a new crazed-geometric pattern to the heel counter (which is possibly what the RG may stand for), these are apparently available now from German ‘Sapato store’, curiously in only 2 sizes… I’ve no additional news on whether this is a collab (and whether it’s only available in 2 sizes for that reason) but hopefully this colourway will appear elsewhere shortly.

Sapato store (Germany)

Thanks again to my friend Piotr for the lead. More images after the jump! —BokOne
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A Bathing Ape x mita sneakers — Insta Pump Fury OG


Pump Fury OG: check.
Dual Japanese collab: check.
Camo upper: check.
Limited edition: check. 

Released the day after my birthday (hell yeah, that’s a blatant hint Reebok Classics!) I think we all know how fast these puppies will fly off the shelves. Apparently available from Reebok Certified Network stores globally on Saturday August 9th (that’s the day after my birthday, Reebok Classics!) they’re also available from relevant Japanese boutique stores such as Bapexclusive Aoyama, DSM Ginza (Toky0), and mita sneakers.

Info and images correlated from Hypebeast and Sneakernews.

Hit the jump for more images! —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Phase III — New colourways


Now I’d heard that Reebok Classics have quite a number of new Phase III colourways coming out for the 2015 season(s), but I hadn’t realised there were already some out. The 3 colourways shown here (click on to see the other 2) aren’t out of this world, but it’s great to see Classics offer up this shoe again – and there maybe more coming 🙂

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The Distinct Life X Reebok Classics — GL 6000 Black/Pebble/White


The third colourway for Detroits’ The Distinct Life (aka Rick Williams) has just appeared on Hypebeasts online store. Running with the camo-embossed leather mixed with black mesh for the upper, biege (Pebble) suede for the sidestripes – as seen on the previous 2 shoes in this series – and a gum outsole, these look pretty sharp indeed. Remember that we are still expecting a Burgundy colourway from TDL to wrap up this neat and highly-collectable set of four 6000’s.

Thanks again to Piotr for the heads up! Hit the jump for more images, or buy direct from the Hypebeast Online Store. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Garbstore X Reebok Classics — ‘Phase II Vintage’ posters


Just love the simple, retro designs to these posters so had to pop them up here on Retrobok. Also noticing some sweet details with Garbstores ‘Outside In’ designs, such as the outsole pattern print inserts (makes a pretty decent tonguetwister, that 😉 ) Click the jump for the other Garbstore posters blatantly stolen from Counterkicks. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Insta Pump Fury — Collegiate Royal/Swag Orange/Grey/White


Alongside the Respect Pack version of the Fury, Reebok Classics have (fairly quietly) released this tidy colourway, in amongst the ongoing smorgasbord of collab makeups for this 20 year old shoe (and still 20 years ahead of its time). More pics after the jump. Reebok UK —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Garbstore X Reebok Classics — Ventilator Supreme (S/S 2015)


My good friend Piotr pointed me at this German video taken by at Bright 2014 in Berlin, with the presenter showing off a pair of Ventilator Supremes with the Garbstore ‘Outside In’ treatment applied to them. I’m not a huge fan of the result to be honest, but it’s very exciting to see this rare shoe making a comeback, we may have to wait until next year though as the presenter mentions Spring/Summer season 2015. Hit the jump to see another screengrab of the shoe, and the full Video (Reebok features at 0.55 in the Video if YouTubes never-working Copy URL at Current Time doesn’t do its job).

Thanks again to Piotr. —BokOne

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Court Victory Pump OG (Retro)


Great to see the OG Court Victory Pump getting a retro, this time with some additional colourway friends in for the ride. The OG colourway is pretty much legendary, running a Wimbledon-esque green with tennis-ball yellow and as the photos below will prove, there’s no harm in tinkering with the classics 😉 No info on release dates just yet – Retrobok will keep its eye on the, er, ball.  —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Pump ‘Respect Pack’


I’m going to say this straight up: ‘Respect’ is not a positive word for any multinational company to be using, regardless of its theoretically naive and positive intentions. ‘Respect’ within US, Black or Hip Hop cultures has the much darker meaning of ‘Fear’, and I’m not entirely comfortable with Reebok Classics using this. My chagrin aside, this is a collection of Reeboks’ most prestigious and infamous footwear all dressed up in a unified colourway – something it does well, certainly helped by group shots.

Featuring the Twilight Zone, Omni Lite, Insta Pump Fury, Victory Pump, and AXT these should be available shortly from and more global stores. Click on for more images of this pack. Reebok: Tread carefully with your street language. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry