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Paris Runner — Grey/Yellow


A new colourway of the early-80’s lightweight runner, the Paris Runner, has appeared recently at UK’s END. Nice to see this shoe get a little once-over with this somewhat interesting Grey/Yellow colour mix, though to be honest it’s more of a ‘Custard’ — or to be completely French about this — crème Anglaise 😀 So, the Paris Runner Crème Anglaise it is, then! Available right now, from END (UK) —BokOne


SALE! Reebok Germany


Just spotted some huge discounts at Reeboks official store in Germany — head over there now for upto 70% off shoes, including 50% off the recent LX 8500 colourways (one of which is shown above). Slightly surprising to see such large discounts so quickly — perhaps in celebration of their World Cup win… (congratulations to our German friends by the way 😉 ). Get over there quick! Reebok Germany —BokOne

LX 8500 new colourways now available @ Reebok UK

Title says it all 😉 Reebok UK —BokOne


GL 6000 — Lesmore X Reebok Classics


To date there have only been a very small number of collaborations with Reebok Classics on the GL 6000 — one with Japans XGIRL, two with Japans OSHMANS, and two (of a planned four) with Detroits The Distinct Life – making a grand total of five to date. The unisex shoe above adds to this tally.  Click on to read more…  

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Garbstore X Reebok Classics — Pump Running Dual Mid


Fascinating new collaboration between Garbstore and Reebok Classics with the creation of an entirely new silhouette — the Pump Running Dual Mid.

Part of a 2014 Fall/Winter collection, Garbstore have been killing it with their Outside-In makeups of classic Reebok runners, and this feels like a level above – the first time the Pump Running Dual has had any significant changes since its original 1991 release. 2 colourways are shown and should be forthcoming at Reebok stockists (and Garbstore themselves) between now and December. Click on for pics of the 2 colourways. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

LX 8500 — Woven Label, available now (Australia)

reebok-classic-woven-label-lx-8500-fall-winter-2014-c-570x379 reebok-classic-woven-label-lx-8500-fall-winter-2014-d-570x379

The 2 colourways shown above are now available from an Australian store I’ve only just been made aware of (by the simple fact that they’re now stocking these LX 8500’s!). Order now from Glue store, with free delivery on items over AU$75. —BokOne

GL 6000 — Red/White/Blue


Almost no information on these – other than their price and availability – which have appeared (very) recently at Very in the UK (apologies, these are the best images I could extract from their site). A pretty bold makeup for sure, and depending on your nationality could be seen as British – or French – flag colours 😉 Available now from Very (UK) —BokOne

Garbstore X Reebok Classics Phase II


Woah, now this is unexpected. Garbstores outstanding (and highly memorable) ‘Outside in’ collaborations with Reebok Classics has moved to the early 80’s stalwart, the Phase II runner – a shoe that shares (or possibly even donated…) its ‘boot’ style outsole to the Reebok Classic shoe itself. These photos are slightly curious, showing a slightly banana-shaped profile to the shoes which isn’t so evident in real life! But the ‘Baseball Grey/Trophy Gold’ treatment in particular reminds me of the lush Hanon Shop ‘Aberdeen Leopards’ treatment of the Classic for the 30th anniversary last year 😀 —BokOne

Phase II – Grey/Gold (END clothing UK) 
Phase II – Navy/Purple Shadow (END clothing UK)


SALE! Phase III (UK)


Retro Phase III runners available now from UK discount store Express Trainers for under £40! —BokOne

GL 6000 — 2 new Korean colourways


Unless my eyes deceive me – these are 2 additional colourways of the GL 6000 which have appeared over at Reebok Korea recently. There’s such a plethora of new colourways even I’m losing track (and if there’s anywhere on the net which should be keeping track of the venerable 1985 shoe, it’s Retrobok…). The upper pair are particularly interesting as they have a green outsole which I believe is a first for the 6000 🙂 Reebok Korea —BokOne


ERS 2000 — new colourways

I’m absolutely loving these new ERS 2000 colourways from Reebok Classics, which have recently appeared on their UK site. PARTICULARLY that top pair with the blue mesh upper. Very very tempted with those! Available now from Reebok UK. —BokOne


LX 8500 — Fall/Winter ‘Woven Label’


More new LX 8500 colourways are apparently forthcoming from Reebok stockists, though I’ve not spotted any online just yet. I’m a slightly bit concerned that some of the retro LX colourways are getting a little too similiar (the royal reds for example, run close to the recent signal red colourway), and the further use of dark greys and navys in the colourways above isn’t helping either. But as I mentioned in a previous post – the leather LX doesn’t lend itself to brighter colours – I do appreciate that it’s a tricky design challenge for Reebok Classics to keep the designs varied but ‘on point’. More pictures after the jump. Info via Freshnessmag. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

GL 6000 — 2 new colourways and design-your-own @ Reebok USA

gl2 gl1

Please excuse the quality of these images, which are the best I could squeeze out of Reeboks US website. Just in case you’re slightly curious: yes these are listed under the ‘Mens Classics’ section of the site and featuring such a vibrant mix of colours and speckled lacing even I did a double-take for a moment. In fact, these are bold enough to match the superbly eclectic GL 6000 output from Asia of late.

Fascinating and bold in equal measure, finding these also reveals that Reebok USA are now offering a design-your-own service for the GL 6000 too! I’ve fleetingly looked at the options available, and there’s certainly enough to get creative ideas going 😀 I can’t direct link to the make-your-own section for the 6000 so you’ll have to jump in, find a pair of 6000’s and hit the relevant link below it. Reebok USA —BokOne

LX 8500 — New colourways coming soon at Atmos, Japan


Whether Reebok Classics have done a bang-up job here or not is upto you: Do these new LX 8500 colourways elicit excitement and interest, or do they simply get ignored and passed-by?

It’s a tricky one because on the one hand sure, they’re not eye-popping colourways and to the ordinary person on the street they’re not even going to notice the difference between these and the Athletic Navy/Railroad Grey retros from last year (remember that only the Railroad Grey/Athletic Navy – in that order – was the OG colourway).

On the other hand: well this is the LX 8500: a (now vintage) luxury running shoe from 1985. It doesn’t need fluorescent colourways, mesh uppers or coloured midsoles to bring it up-to-date: that would miss the point entirely.

Another point to mention is that the lighter of the pair (Graphite/Steel/Weathered White) at the top of the page are strikingly similar to the mid-2000’s retros of the LX — of which there were many colourways, mainly available in Asia if I remember correctly.

Available to pre-order from the Atmos site, their website suggests they will be available on 18th July. More images after the jump—BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Beams X Reebok Classics — Instapump Fury


Japanese clothes retailer BEAMS has collaborated with Reebok Classics for the 20th anniversary of the (Insta) Pump Fury — and no doubt some of the sneaker community will be passing these by, for not being as wacky and colourful as some of the recent collabs.


You know what? These are sweet. To me the Pump Fury has always been a futuristic, hi-tech shoe and while the asymetrical grey treatment maybe the boldest thing here, it really fits the shoe. Perhaps the original designer, Retrobok visitor and friend Steven Smith will heartily disagree (after all he pushed hard to get the ultra-colourful OG colourway through Reeboks’ marketing department back in ’94), but I’m just putting my own personal opinion out there 😉 

These are supposedly available right now from Livestock, no sign online just yet so perhaps in-store only for the moment. Livestock (Canada). —BokOne