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Review — Inferno (Swag Orange/White)


Reebok Classics were sweet enough to send me a pair of these super-bright ‘Swag’ orange Infernos recently, so I thought it’d be fair to post a quick review of them. Read the rest of this entry

Quick Review — Sole Trainer


Reebok Classics were kind enough to send me a pair of this retro’d 1990 shoe, and I’ll be honest — even as proprietor of Retrobok it was a shoe I might have passed by, based on online photos.   Read the rest of this entry

GL 2620 — Closer look


Reebok Classics sent me a couple of pairs of the recently-released GL 2620 — another ‘new retro shoe’ following on from the ERS 1500 and GL 1500, all of which are budget/mid-range shoes, and all of which take cues from OG classic Reeboks in different ways.

With the release of the 2620 (a number I’m still not understanding the significance of – why not GL 3000 perhaps?…), there were a few things I wanted to understand. Firstly, how much of a lovechild of the Phase I/Phase II and the GL 6000 are they? Secondly, why do some of the shoes not have the name stitched on the heel counter? And thirdly, how is the quality? Read on…  Read the rest of this entry

Quick look — Atmos X Reebok CL Mid R12


Reebok Classics were extremely kind in sending me a pair of the recent Atmos collab with Reebok, running with the rarely-seen mid silhouette for the 30th Anniversary of the Classic Leather. In the case of this pair, the Leather in the title is slightly misleading as the upper is a matte synthetic material, with a glow-in-the-dark mesh underlay (and, I believe – tongue).

Read on…  Read the rest of this entry

Quick review — Ventilator (Reebok Royal/Paper White/Red, 2013)

Reebok Classics were kind enough to send me a pair of this super-fresh 2013 colourway of the legendary Ventilator. Even though this shoe is famous enough to true sneakerheads, I’ve always felt it didn’t get the spotlight it deserves for its’ unique selling point — the ventilator technology itselfRead the rest of this entry

Pickup & Review — Shaq Attaq 2013 Retro

Huge thanks go to Retrobok visitor and contributor Russell ‘Bobby Necro’ Hall for his photos & review of the 2013 Shaq Attaq retro. Read on for the full review! —BokOne

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CL Trail pickup!

Managed to pick up a pair of the CL Trail in Osaka, Japan a few days back (at the ever-present ABC-Marts here) and have only positive comments for these shoes. Firstly, they’re an interesting bridge for Retrobok as they use some of the latest lightweight tech as seen on the Zigs and Ultralite shoes – but have a strong retro styling unique only to Reebok.

All of the uppers appear to use the Ultralite tech – all lightweight rubber/plastics (though the overall weight of the shoe is not noticeably lighter than, say, a typical pair of Classics).  However there’s some really nice details, particularly the embossed Reebok logo on the heel tab, as well as the side of the upper (now less prevalent to allow the midsoles’ bold Rebook logo to stand out to it’s fullest). Also the forefoot midsole cutouts add a more aggressive edge, while the reverse treatment on the sole (and the soles’ generally chunky, cross-country themed grips) work nicely.

But it’s actually the inner that does the job best of all – this makes the CL Trail one of the most wearable Reebok shoes currently, and is ideal for UK Winter and cooler climates being highly comfortable and instantly wearable.

There are a growing number of colourways also, the bright blue/yellow are the most surprising with the navy blue/white having the most retro flavour – I picked up a pair of the grey/orange/blacks and I’m very happy I did.

I’ll endeavour to keep updated Retrobok with where you can purchase this modern classic, if you find your own local stockist then jump in – and feedback to me here at Retrobok.

UPDATE – Now spotted at Sarenza in the UK.