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Sale! Pumps, Australia


In Australia, Catch of the Day is a bit of a favourite (we don’t have Amazon here, for a start) and today they’ve got a pretty decent selection of Pumps on sale. Prices aren’t as keen as they could be, but still – a pair of Twilight Zones or Shaqnosis for AU$100, or Shaq Attaqs for AU$120 isn’t too bad, and they’re helped by a capped P&P. Catch of the Day (Australia) —BokOne

SALE! Pump Running Dual, CL Trail (UK)

UK’s Express Trainers have been a little quiet with true Retrobok shoes for a while, but with Phase III’s recently appearing – a revisit paid off by revealing they’re now selling the CL Trail and Pump Running Duals shown above…. for silly money. If I’m correct, those Pumps were selling for well over £100 on Reeboks official site just a few months back, so at £55 these are a steal.

The CL Trail (not the most flattering photo above, it has to be said) is a genuinely superb ‘new retro’ shoe – inspired by the Classic Leather, but with a waterproof sealed upper, an outsole inspired by the 80’s Fjell Runners and is fleece-lined, superb for cold or wet weather conditions. I’m a big fan of these, and at £33… well, worth adding to your collection. Express Trainers (UK). —BokOne

SALE! Reebok Germany


Just spotted some huge discounts at Reeboks official store in Germany — head over there now for upto 70% off shoes, including 50% off the recent LX 8500 colourways (one of which is shown above). Slightly surprising to see such large discounts so quickly — perhaps in celebration of their World Cup win… (congratulations to our German friends by the way 😉 ). Get over there quick! Reebok Germany —BokOne

SALE! Phase III (UK)


Retro Phase III runners available now from UK discount store Express Trainers for under £40! —BokOne

Vintage Reebok Windbreakers

reebok_black_green_blue (8 of 10)reebok_female (1 of 10)reebok_green_blue (2 of 10)

Perennial Merchants dropped me a message recently, telling me about their stock of Vintage Reebok Windbreakers — pretty rare to see a collection like this, if you like what you see you head over to their store and check them out. Perennial Merchants (US) —BokOne

Sale — Reebok UK, 25% off


The banner says all the info you need 😀 Well, apart from the link. Remember the promo code when you checkout! Reebok UK. —BokOne

Sale @ Crooked Tongues


Lots of Reebok models on sale currently at the UK’s including some colourways of the Sole Trainer, some of the Garbstore X Reebok releases, Pro Workout Lows, CL 30th Anniversary collabs, and even some Shaq Attaqs!

Head over to Crooked Tongues pronto! —BokOne

Sale! Urban Industry (UK)

The UK’s splendid Urban Industry currently has a glut of Retroboks’ at seriously good sale prices – so if you’re keen on picking up a bargain pair of ERS2000, CL Lthr Vintage/Retro, GL6000, Pump Omni Lite or Insta Pump Furys – well nows the time! In limited sizes so be quick! Urban Industry —BokOne

Cheap Pump Omni Lites, UK

Ok so these are in Winter colours, and these Pump Omni Lites might not be in the most inspiring colourway but they’re available now for a bargain £28 from Express Trainers (limited sizes). Ideal for a British Springtime! —BokOne

SALE! Pump Fury HLS, Kamikaze III, Sole Trainer, Ex o Fit Hi

Ok so a couple of these shoes are slightly outside Retroboks’ radar but with all well under the £35 mark they’re a bit of a steal. In limited sizes over at Europe/UK based Express Trainers. —BokOne

SALE! Brandosa (UK)

Some SERIOUSLY cheap Retroboks to be had right now at UK’s Brandosa. Highlights are above in the image with 2 x GL6000‘s for just £32 each, and all the ERS1500‘s colourways at £27 each. Also in there are Dash Runners, CL’s, Ex-O-Fit Hi’s, and a few others at slightly higher sale prices. I’ve snaffled a couple of pairs already, head over to Brandosa pronto!. —BokOne


SALE! ERS 1500: £39.99 from Reebok UK

The 2012 ERS 1500 is now available for just £39.99 at Reebok UK in 2 of my favourite colourways (the other 3 colourways remain at full price). Whilst reactions have been mixed (see the Retrobok Unboxing + Review here), there’s no doubting this is a great looking shoe. If I were a little critical of Reebok, I’d suggest that for their build quality this should have been their original price point. (Click either image to jump directly over). —BokOne


½ price Twilight Zones @ Crooked Tongues!

Woah! If you’re ever tired of seeing the word SALE used everywhere, often for measly price cuts, well Crooked Tongues (UK) are offering these superb Pumps for literally ½ price: thats £63 each. These are BIG sneakers, so perhaps they have a lack of storage space? Help them out over at Crooked Tongues!—BokOne

SALE! Ex-o-Fit Hi

Reebok Classic ExoFit Hi - RE38474
Now these are really tempting me … I’m a big fan of the clean retro lines on the Ex-o-Fits, and in a smart colourway like this, at this price… well. £30 at Express Trainers —BokOne

SALE! Workout Plus Vintage — Black/Bone/Brass

Now £45 (from £75) at Crooked Tongues —BokOne