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Retrobok is 3 !!!


Retrobok was 3 years old on the 1st of February — thanks for all  your visits, feedback, links, likes, scans, images, free shoes and Reebok love 😀

Special thanks to Dixy (‘BokTwo’), TheReebokKid, Piotr, Bobby Necro, Steven Smith, Jane Ashby, David Foster and Scott and Angela at Reebok. I’m looking forwards to the next year a great deal. Peace!


Thanks, Reebok!

A slightly overdue thanks to Reebok for sending me a pair of Shaq Attaqs and Classic Whites pack Twilight Zones as a thanks to Retrobok. Makes me feel incredibly proud that Reebok have been using Retrobok as a resource, and for reference. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t thank the likes of David Foster, David Gumbley, DefyNewYork, Dixy, Alex Schuh, Russel Hall and all Retroboks‘ regular contributors and visitors too. Retrobok will continue apace, and I still aim that the site can become THE place people visit first for the latest classic Reebok news. I also hope to have some very special features here soon…. watch this space, and thanks again 🙂 —BokOne

Retrobok Glossary added to Features

Retrobok Glossary added to Features

ERS / E.R.S. / Energy Return System (1988~)
A cushioning system made from tubes of ‘Hytrel’ from the Du Pont company placed transversely within the midsole of the shoe. The concept is that on footstrike the tubes compress and release energy ‘like a spring’ as the foot rises. There is little doubt that this technology was developed as a competitor to Nikes ‘Air’, and certainly raised Reeboks’ tech image. The …

I’ve added a Glossary section to the site, within the Features drop-down. This page will be regularly updated and expanded. If you have any additions or corrections, please add them in the page comments, thanks! —BokOne

Retrobok on YouTube

Just a reminder that Retrobok has a YouTube channel. More a set of Playlists to be honest, but just like here on Retrobok I’ll endeavour to keep it updated and build it into a useful  history resource. ~BokOne

Retrobok is 2

Retrobok was 2 years old last Friday, being established on February 1st 2011 in my Parents’ spare room. Since then I’ve moved 3 countries while the site has grown from 200 views per month to over 6,000. Thanks for visiting — I’m very excited about the year ahead! ~BokOne

New additions to STORES

New links have been added to the Stores page — Fozz (Denmark), Eastbay (US), Shopstyle and Zalando (UK). Click below to jump in! ~BokOne

Huge updates to 80’s & 90’s pages

The 80’s and 90’s pages have had a solid update this weekend – particularly to include the missing Pump® range. The 90’s page now lists 44 shoes, while the 80’s page lists a massive 76. As always, please feedback with correction or additions! ~BokOne



Retrobok reborn – now

Due to its’ continued success and visitor numbers, Retrobok is now a .COM! Thanks for visiting and here’s to the future! ~BokOne

Links updated – now ‘Stores’

One of the most useful pages on Retrobok is the LINKS page – which is now retitled to STORES and now has many updates, notwithstanding the official UK and US Rebook stores. It still contains Blogs & Friends too, but hopefully this makes this expanding resource clearer to new visitors. Additions and corrections always welcomed. Click the image to jump straight over ~BokOne

Many rare Reebok images coming soon…

Courtesy of the DefyNewYork blog, Retrobok has discovered a staggering set of retro Reebok images and will incorporate them through the site where possible. Not only does the 90’s Wall Of Fame get a huge injection of missing shoes, but the largely unknown 70’s – 80’s period will get a significant boost, as well as a few other surprises… stay tuned!

1992 Harrier Spike

Got a retro Reebok collection? Retrobok would love to feature you.

Retrobok has a few rather knowledgable followers – and I’d love to showcase some of your collections as features here on the blog. If you’d like to show off your shoes and can share some history or back-story please drop me an email! 🙂

Retrobok gets Pinterested

Feel free to share up/connect with Retrobok on Pinterest!

10,000 x Retrobok

Retrobok hit a milestone with its’ 10,000th visitor on 25th May 2012. Thanks to those of you who have been part of this – please keep dropping in and feeding back! ~BokOne 

80’s Wall of Fame updated

Further updates to the 80’s Wall of Fame: such as the Sydney Maree spike, LC1600, CL1400, ACT 600 and Phase I tennis shoes, Princess, Rapide (alternate colourway)PB 800 spikes… Click image to jump over. Feedback and corrections are always welcomed.

Retrobok on YouTube

Retrobok now has a YouTube channel! Comprising of themed playlists ; such as History, 80’s/90’s Commercials, and Unboxing videos, Retrobok will expand the channels accordingly. Due to the availability and existence of Reebok Video material, these naturally have a more 90’s US ‘flavor’ in comparison with the more UK-focused news here at Retrobok. Take a look! ~BokOne