1. Just stumbled across your site and I absolutely love it. All we need to do is get reebok to actually reissue these classics like the reebok cxt ultra

  2. Thanks Peter – appreciate it 🙂

  3. Just found your site by accident… great site really good job.

    I been racking my brains because I can remember nearly every shoe I have worn but when it comes to some more lesser known ones it’s hard to find them with google….. I was mainly looking for a name for two Reebok trainers I used to own but cant remember the model name of….. I cant a picture anywhere…..

    one being from about 87/8 and was a sort of brown coloured version of the Royal and the other was from 1990-1 that looked like a simple version of the cxt lo but had one black strap like the Commitment and had almost luminous green Reebok logo on strap and side.


  4. Yes, I would trade all your limbs to have again a pair of CXT Ultra…

  5. Brilliant REEBOK resource! 100% bookmarked.

  6. you made it to my bookmark!!! OG pump fury yummy

  7. Glad you liked the Fury article. I have some other cool stuff I would share if you would like. Lot’s of cool old prototypes and drawings and stuff.

  8. Thanks Steven, great to have you here on Retrobok! I will email you shortly. Regards, BokOne.

  9. Hello
    Men’s AXT had not ERS too! I have a totally dead old pair there 🙂
    i’d love those to be in production again!

  10. Just found an original pair of world ten with holes punched in toes , made from orange Kangaroo Skin

  11. I just crossed to a new line of reebok… Looks like the zjet fused with pump called zpump.
    Great site of yours… I have 2 ventilators 2013 grey/black/purple and OG’s lime… Today got my new pump x question OG.

  12. Really enjoyed looking at you archive pics today, but I think your 1980’s Phase 1 is actually called MLT (Mens Leather Tennis).

  13. Tristin Kennedy

    hey here, found your site a month back and must say thank you for all the Bok Insight.
    I seen you were looking for more Reebok enthusiasts, and I’d love to find out how to get in the loop.

  14. Hi, just get in touch via the Contacts page 😉 Unless you’re another SEO company… :[

  15. hi just found your site i wonder if someone could tell me if the reebok pump axt plus are available to buy any where thanks in advance

  16. can anyone tell me anything about a womans Reebok style 24-7460P? red patent with back waffle soles. perhaps model name or year of issue??

  17. looking for info on a ladies red patent/black waffle sole Reebok style 24-7460P. year of issue or style name?

  18. Sorry Tina, I Google’d this code and couldn’t find anything I’m afraid 😦 (I’m not Reebok, so don’t have catalogues or a database handy) – waffle soles *suggest* they’re either a 70’s Reebok, or a newer shoe inspired by 70’s Reeboks. Good luck with your search 🙂

  19. how can i post a photo to see if anyone has a clue?

  20. correction: they have BLACK soles that are NOT waffle….more like a zigzag pattern. soles has red stripe along the side.

  21. Hi Tina, you can post them to Retrobok Facebook page ;

    Or email Retrobok at


  22. Sorry for the slow reply Tina – I’ve no idea what these are, possible Freestyle?

  23. I’ve just found this site,love it,because i was looking for what i believed were called ‘royale’ and had over-sized reebok stripes over a metallic red background.late 80’s/early 90’s. any clues?

  24. Presume they were ‘runners’ Duane? Late 80’s Royales weren’t red in my memory, take a look through the Retrobok Shoe Archives and see if you recognise anything 🙂

  25. The Phase 1 Pro and the MLT are the same shoe, MLT was the UK name and Phase 1 Pro was the US name

  26. video on reeboks history

  27. reebok history video

  28. Fantastic – thanks Brian!

  29. Hi guys,
    Thank you for your website. I was hoping you (or someone out there) may be able to direct me to where I might be able to buy a pair of the Reebok Basketball boots BB4600 (white and blue) which you have a pic of above. I had the exact pair when I was 19 and loved and lived in them till they died!
    I’m now turning 50 and would love to get a pair for my birthday.
    This request probably goes into the too hard basket as Ive scoured the net with no luck (US size 10.5 / 11) but thought if anyone would know, you guys might.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Have a good one.

  30. nice advert on covering the reebok spitfire running shoe. item number 112333255411

  31. Fantastic spot, thanks Gary!

  32. vintage pair of reebok london

    ebay uk item number. 302318588722

  33. vintage reebok midas hand made in england.

    ebay item number. 162705813109

  34. vintage running vest

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  35. vintage reebok made in england must be 1970’s

    ebay. 302497162518

  36. Thanks for these links Gary.

  37. Thanks Gary, apologies seeing your links a little late usually.

  38. Dear Retrobok,
    Unless my memory is playing tricks on me, I’m almost certain that I recall that Ex-o-fit Lo’s were available in a ‘navy-blue’ colourway (sole & upper) back in around 1986-87. They were especially popular with the boys in my school in London, because you could get away with wearing them instead of school-shoes (although I wore black Workout [originals] instead).
    However, I’ve searched the internet, and I’ve been unable to find any record that Ex-o-fit Lo’s were ever available in ‘navy-blue’, especially during ’86-’87.
    Are you able to corroborate that they were available in navy-blue?….Or am I losing it? (ha-ha)

  39. Hey! Simple answer is: if you remember them, they existed 😉 Even Reebok themselves sometimes lose track of what they’ve released. I’m from same era fwiw, slightly earlier possibly with trainers like Royale and Rapide being weapons of choice for the boys – luckily my school allowed non-standard footwear. Good luck on your search (I have a recent pair of Ex O Fit Hi’s in Navy Blue actually, so there are chances of finding something to help your nostalgia) Rgds. BokOne

  40. Thanks for the reply,

    Yeah, Royale’s (navy & yellow) were the first Reeboks to make an impact in my school, too; whilst the Rapide’s were always considered as the ‘cheaper’ option. That would have been about 1986, so I would have been 13 at the time.
    The ‘navy-blue’ Ex-o-fit Lo’s in question were around at this same time, and it was the older black kids at my school (15-16 y/o) who wore them. I tried to get a pair myself, but nowhere seemed to stock them. Whether or not they were imports or limited editions, I don’t know?
    HOWEVER, at the same time, my mum received the latest edition of the Freeman’s catalogue, and this featured the ‘original’ Reebok Workout! They were £40 – which was a lot of money at the time – but I convinced my mum that I would be able wear the black ones as both trainers AND shoes, so it would therefore work out cheaper overall. My ploy worked, and as a result, I was the first kid at my school to wear Workout’s; and let me tell you: those older kids heads were TURNED!!!!

    P.S. Great blog. I’ve been following it for some time now. Just wish Reebok would take a few hints and re-release a few more ‘OG’ classics, especially those dating from 1986-87 (The Golden Age!) Keep up the good work.

  41. Thanks mate – great memories there, and yeah we’re same age fwiw, totally agree on the ‘golden age’ statement! Keep dropping in 🙂