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  1. Just stumbled across your site and I absolutely love it. All we need to do is get reebok to actually reissue these classics like the reebok cxt ultra

  2. Thanks Peter – appreciate it 🙂

  3. Just found your site by accident… great site really good job.

    I been racking my brains because I can remember nearly every shoe I have worn but when it comes to some more lesser known ones it’s hard to find them with google….. I was mainly looking for a name for two Reebok trainers I used to own but cant remember the model name of….. I cant a picture anywhere…..

    one being from about 87/8 and was a sort of brown coloured version of the Royal and the other was from 1990-1 that looked like a simple version of the cxt lo but had one black strap like the Commitment and had almost luminous green Reebok logo on strap and side.


  4. Yes, I would trade all your limbs to have again a pair of CXT Ultra…

  5. Brilliant REEBOK resource! 100% bookmarked.

  6. you made it to my bookmark!!! OG pump fury yummy

  7. Glad you liked the Fury article. I have some other cool stuff I would share if you would like. Lot’s of cool old prototypes and drawings and stuff.

  8. Hello
    Men’s AXT had not ERS too! I have a totally dead old pair there 🙂
    i’d love those to be in production again!

  9. Just found an original pair of world ten with holes punched in toes , made from orange Kangaroo Skin

  10. I just crossed to a new line of reebok… Looks like the zjet fused with pump called zpump.
    Great site of yours… I have 2 ventilators 2013 grey/black/purple and OG’s lime… Today got my new pump x question OG.

  11. Really enjoyed looking at you archive pics today, but I think your 1980’s Phase 1 is actually called MLT (Mens Leather Tennis).

  12. Tristin Kennedy

    hey here, found your site a month back and must say thank you for all the Bok Insight.
    I seen you were looking for more Reebok enthusiasts, and I’d love to find out how to get in the loop.

  13. hi just found your site i wonder if someone could tell me if the reebok pump axt plus are available to buy any where thanks in advance

  14. can anyone tell me anything about a womans Reebok style 24-7460P? red patent with back waffle soles. perhaps model name or year of issue??

  15. looking for info on a ladies red patent/black waffle sole Reebok style 24-7460P. year of issue or style name?

  16. I’ve just found this site,love it,because i was looking for what i believed were called ‘royale’ and had over-sized reebok stripes over a metallic red background.late 80’s/early 90’s. any clues?

    • Presume they were ‘runners’ Duane? Late 80’s Royales weren’t red in my memory, take a look through the Retrobok Shoe Archives and see if you recognise anything 🙂

  17. video on reeboks history

  18. reebok history video

  19. Hi guys,
    Thank you for your website. I was hoping you (or someone out there) may be able to direct me to where I might be able to buy a pair of the Reebok Basketball boots BB4600 (white and blue) which you have a pic of above. I had the exact pair when I was 19 and loved and lived in them till they died!
    I’m now turning 50 and would love to get a pair for my birthday.
    This request probably goes into the too hard basket as Ive scoured the net with no luck (US size 10.5 / 11) but thought if anyone would know, you guys might.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Have a good one.

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