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Alien Stomper ‘Final Battle Pack’ – interview with Chris Hill

Highsnobiety chatted with Reebok Senior Designer Chris Hill about the process behind the designs for this unique, and highly limited pack.

50 pre-sale packs will be available tomorrow (17/7) at Reebok FitHub in New York City, with 7 limited T-Shirt designs available, and Alien ‘Pins’ with purchases.

Global release is on 18/7 – the 31st anniversary of the 1986 Aliens movie – from and Reebok Certified Network stores, priced at US$325.

Reebok FitHub NYC

Reebok Alien Stomper official page

Incoming — Alien Stomper “Final Battle” Pack, July 18


I must be honest: if somebody had told me Reebok were releasing another set of Alien Stompers for Alien Day; but with completely new makeups that were not accurate to the original movie props, I’d have groaned quite loudly. But these… these are just a lot of fun.

Clearly a ridiculous amount of effort has gone into the details here; one pair represents Ripley in her bright yellow Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader (notice the subtle P5000 debossed on the strap), and the other representing ‘the Alien’ – more officially known as Xenomorph XX121.

So many details I’ll leave you to discover for yourself (although one I want to share is Weyland-Yutani corporation earning itself a new HQ location; that of Canton – the current Reebok global HQ).

Available July 18th (Alien Day) slated at $325, which I believe includes 2 pairs of shoes in the presentation box (but I will need to confirm).

Hit the jump for more photos, and curious teaser video.  —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

The $1300 Alien Stomper



From their ‘Homage’ collection, borrowing the silhouettes and detailing from some of the sneaker world’s best loved designs, the Hender Scheme Manual Industrial Products 06 is a hand-made, stripped back version of a movie icon. Constructed with natural leather uppers that will patina and age unlike any other, this distinctive design features a double velcro closure and sits on top of a leather and rubber sole.

Wow. These are quite something, I suppose if Ripley was hitting a high-end Nightclub after a heavy day of bug-stomping, she may well consider a pair of these 😉 —BokOne

End Clothing (Australia)

Pickup — Alien Stomper High, Mid


Very very very fortunate to get hold of both the Mid and High editions of the Alien Stomper today. I’ll endeavour to take some macro photos and offer thoughts ASAP (my polished concrete garage floor looks an ideal setting for photos… I’m a bit low on Acid Blood sadly). Big big thanks again to ADC 😉 —BokOne

Alien Stomper — Interview with designer, Tuan Le


Highsnobiety have published a brief but fascinating interview with once-Reebok-designer Tuan Le, on the development of the Alien Stomper shoe for the Aliens movie. You think the large velcro strap was added simply to look futuristic? Think again…


Head over to Highsnobiety for the interview! —BokOne

Alien Stomper release day: Photos from Japan


Pump My Life posted some photos of an awesome display at Reebok Classic in Harajuku, Tokyo today. Thanks to Pump My Life for permission to share these 😀 Hit the jump for 2 more. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Alien Stomper – More release info


I’m seeing mixed info about tomorrows release of the Alien Stompers, with some reports (Sneaker Freaker) suggesting there will be just 100 of the irradescent box packaging -shown above- released, but I’m unclear whether that will just be for the Mids (as shown) or the High-Tops.

But I am hearing reports that Reebok Classics in Harajuku Tokyo will have limited availability, which is a positive after seeing the shoes only pre-listed on European Reebok sites, and US boutiques.

Additionally I’m noticing that some stores may have been requested not to divulge quantities of their Stomper’ stock, although the plus side to this is there maybe a wider global spread of the stock than originally thought. But I believe the High-Top is still running at just 426 pairs globally, with the Mid at 1,986.

Apologies I can’t offer further clarity at this stage. —BokOne

Reebok (Japan) (and now additionally spotted at Germanys’ Solebox)

Retrobok Wallpapers #1 — Alien Stompers


About time I prepared some Mobile and Desktop Wallpapers for you ‘bok fans to download and use as you see fit. First round of wallpapers are -of course- the 2 x Alien Stomper models releasing in 2 days time, including  shoe data, retro scanlines and the Retrobok logo.

If these prove popular, I’ll definitely prepare some more on a regular basis. Hit the jump for the wallpapers! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Official Reebok Alien Stomper Announcement

As a continued build-up to the release of these long-sought-after Reeboks, and to clarify one of my recent posts about release quantities – check out the official announcement via Reebok PR. If you’re really needing those high-tops, you’re going to have to move fast. Hit the ground jump, soldier. -BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Alien Stomper ‘Hi’ has appeared on some Reebok sites


The super hightop, BB 5600-based ‘Alien Stomper’ has now appeared on some of Reeboks’ European store sites, with the release date still set for ‘Alien Day’: April 26th 2016 – a recently announced Twentieth Century Fox 30th anniversary global celebration of the Alien franchise.

An interesting detail to note is that there is no clear mention of limited quantities/limited edition of the shoe, and I’m also not seeing any appearance of this – or the Mid ‘Bishop’ edition – on Asian or American Reebok stores as yet, but I’ll be actively keeping my eyes on that handheld radar. —BokOne     Reebok (UK)Reebok (Germany)Reebok (France)

Alien Stomper ‘Super High’ Ellen Ripley — coming soon


As predicted by Retrobok following the recent news about the ‘Bishop’ edition Alien Stomper; lo and behold and finally… finallyReebok Classics are to release the first ever mainstream edition of the ‘Alien Stomper’ film prop worn by Sigourney Weaver in the mindblowing 1986 Aliens movie. Read on for more images, comms chatter and release date.  Read the rest of this entry

Alien Stomper Mid ‘Bishop’ — coming soon


I’ll admit that even at Retrobok, I’m still unclear as to whether Reebok *officially* released the White/Red/Grey makeup of the ‘Alien Stomper’ shoes worn by Ripley and Bishop in the legendary 1986 movie ‘Aliens’.  Hit the jump for more images, store links and space talk.  Read the rest of this entry

Reebok Alien Stomper “Ripley” Customs

For sale – 1 x pair of custom-made Alien Stompers (UK 11.5 I believe) over at Revive Customs. Fantastic effort still begs the question “why didn’t Reebok properly retro this colourway?” Due to licensing perhaps? More pictures after the jump.
Reebok Alien Stomper Ripley Customs by Revive Read the rest of this entry

Chapter x Reebok – Alien Stomper White/White/Gum

Looking immaculately fresh, and more futuristic than the original Aliens colourway of the Alien Stomper, are these latest collaboration between Japanese Chapter and Reebok. Following on from last years Chapter x Reebok collab, of a stealth Black/Black pair of Stompers these are available for pre-order now over at Chapter. More pics after the jump.

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Alien Stomper Field-Guide

Possibly the most exhaustive (and exhausting) Field-Guide that will grace Retroboks’ pages.
Are you ready, soldier?
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