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Crooked Tongues talk collabs

2 members of the Crooked Tongues team – Gary Warnett and Mubi Ali – discuss the inspiration of the CT CL 30th Anniversary collaboration with Hypebeast TV, whilst enjoying their own launch party. Very honest that the CT store has a 3.5 / 5 rating for their own shoe….hmmm Crooked Tongues —BokOne

Palace Skateboards X Reebok Classic


Awesome short, grainy VHS-style promo vid for a Reebok collaboration with UK Skateboard specialists Palace. With what looks like 2 makeups each of the Workout Plus, and the CL Vintage, and featuring the Palace logo on the tongues these are a collaboration slightly out of the norm for Reebok — and more interesting for that reason. I’d be particularly interested to see how Skateboarders view the Classic Leather. Street date shown in the video is 12th July 2013. Via The Daily Street, and thanks to Dumisani K 😀 —BokOne

Stash X Reebok ‘City Classics’ — Pre-order @ Overkill

Berlin’s superb Overkill store is now taking pre-orders for the exciting City Classics pack, which will be instore on July 3rd and online on July 4th. Eklips, Wane, Stash and Stash editions shown above in order. Get in there quick, you know how fast these CL 30th Anniversary ltd. editions go!!! Overkill (Berlin) —BokOne

CL 30th Anniversary — ‘Korea Pack’

I’ve seen these on Reebok Koreas’ website for a few weeks now, and they’re pretty tidy treatments to the CL’s. Designed in-house at Reebok apparently too. 1 of the pairs runs a very OG Paris Runner colourway. Some really nice pictures out there too (it’s all looking a bit 80’s for these lads above!). Click on for more of the 4 treatments. Only available at this moment in time from Reebok Korea —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Solebox’ Hikmet talks about the CL ‘Sturnella Militaris’

Berlins’ Solebox has recently unveiled it’s striking ‘Sturnella Militaris’ Classic Leather makeup, in black leather and red seude. Hikmet, one of the 2 Solebox owning brothers, talks about his stores relationship with Reebok and shows us around Berlin Zoo as well. Nice bonus there. Via HypeBeastTV —BokOne

CL — Solebox X Reebok

With one of the boldest panelling treatments I’ve seen on the CL this year, these Solebox special editions are causing a bit of a stir — not least with criticism that it’s a similiar treatment to their 2006 New Balance 1500’s (shown below/next image). Personally, I think that’s unfair – if anything it’s a signature design detail, and one perhaps the Solebox brothers were about 7 years ahead on.   Read the rest of this entry

CL — Reebok x Mita

Following a similiar design approach to the ‘Frank the Butcher’ CL collabs by breaking up the panelling these Mitas’ are a curious addition to the ongoing 2013 Classic Leather 30th Anniversary releases. More waffle + pictures after the jump.  Read the rest of this entry

Reebok x Packer CL ‘Aztec’ — release date, more pics!

F f f r r r r e s h is the word… some really tasty new shots of the Packer x Reebok collab, inspired by the legendary 1979 Aztec. Release date is now confirmed as 23rd March at 12 noon at the Packer Store in the U.S., as well as at Solebox Germany (and I’m sure a few other selected stores).

Remember that you’ll find more info about the original Aztec here on Retrobok than any other website — try the 70’s Reeboks and 70’s Media sections for starters…. more pics of the hot Packer after the jump. and a classic 1980 ad for the original Aztec 🙂 —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

Mike Packer on the CL 30th Anniversary

Great Hypebeast video revealing the Reebok X Packer shoes collab, inspired by the 1979 Aztec. Personally I wish speed laces were a little more commonly used, but it’s a cost thing I guess. Still haven’t seen them on sale anywhere yet, let me know if you have. —BokOne

Reebok x Packer ‘Aztec’ teaser mystery

Packer Shoes x Reebok   Aztec Teaser

I was curious as to why SneakerNews, FreshnessMag and others have been posting teaser images for the Reebok x Packer CL 30th Anniversary Aztec shoe, after I posted up images of the full shoe here on Retrobok. A little detective work and I’m guessing that Solebox added it to their store early, before removing it. By then, Retrobok had the images. Now I’m all up for scoops and causing a ruckuss, but there’s a balance…. heheh 😉 So you’ll have to click the jump to see the CL 30th Anniversary Packer makeup, inspired by the legendary 1979 Aztec – which was, in my eyes, Reeboks first true ‘legend’ shoe. (release details still unknown) ~BokOne

Read the rest of this entry

CL 30th Anniversary — Frank The Butcher, Packer

Continuing the 30th Anniversary celebrations for the Reebok Classic, are another 2 store collabs – this time with Frank The Butcher (FTB) doing a Lux makeup and Packer doing a Vintage makeup. Both do more with the basic packages than has been seen previously, particularly the coloured midsole and toewrap on the FTB shoe. Some nice touches elsewhere too – Packer play around with the Reebok wordmark lettering on the tongue, and inner. Both available at Solebox (Germany), with the FTB’s available soon at SNS (Sweden) (some better pictures of the FTB details there). — BokOne

CL Trail – Blue Sport/Black/Nacho (30th Anniversary)

I’m liking the colourway title for these almost as much as the colourway itself 😀 I’ve got a pair of the first wave CL Trails in Black/Orange/Grey and they’ve become a regularly worn favourite, especially in the cold of a UK Winter as they have a fleece inner lining and a chunky sole inspired by the ’87 Fell Runner. Now available at Reebok UK [Note – Titolo currently stock a similiar pair but with a black toe wrap instead of the all-over Blue, and Sivasdelcalzo stock a pair with black toe wrap/heel counter and yellow midsole] ~BokOne