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In Praise Of Reebok Classics


Great article and stunning artwork via London Store Wavey Garms on the cultural path that Reebok Classics (ie; the ‘Franchise 5‘) have taken in the UK since their respective births in the early 80’s.

“I definitely think the Classic has got a working class association, an association with the man in the in street… it’s a leveller… not every man is going to be wearing a Stan Smith”

Couldn’t have put it better myself! —BokOne

Wavey Garms — In Praise Of Reebok Classics


Sneakersnstuff x Classic Leather “Premium”


Following SNS’s ultra-pared-back Club C ’85 ‘Premium’ last October – the Swedish store is again dropping some more minimal/normcore goodness with these CL’s in offwhite Elk leather and gold embossing.


Hit the jump for more photos, and group model shots that will make even the youngest of you feel old 😉 Oh and happy new year from Retrobok! —BokOne

The CL ‘Premium’ will drop Saturday January 13th at their store and online Read the rest of this entry

Montana Cans x Classic Leather


Nearly passed these by until I noticed the collaboration was with Germany-based Spray Can manufacturer Montana Cans. Liking the striking effect achieved on both these. Available later today from Germanys’ Asphalt Gold in Black/White or White/Black. —BokOne (Click on for more images…) Read the rest of this entry

HAL x Reebok Classics — CL ‘Autumn Leaves’


I think we’re all suckers for good photography, particularly when there’s a pair of delicious sneakers in the frame. Read more.

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Shoe Gallery talks to Hypebeast TV about ‘Flamingos at war’

So it’s Hypebeast TV day here at Retrobok! Second of 3 clips, this time looking into the collaboration between Miamis’ Shoe Gallery and Reebok Classics with the striking ‘Flamingos at war’ makeup of the Classic Leather. Something that has just occurred to me is whether this is the last of the low CL collabs we see in 2013….? Shoe Gallery (USA) —BokOne

Closer look at the Bodega x Reebok Classic Leather U.S.B.D.G.A.


HypeBeast take a closer look at this fascinating collab result between Bodega and Reebok Classics — this shoe seems to have more details on than any of the 30th Anniversary Classic Leathers’ I’ve seen this year, epitomised by the image above. Jump over to HypeBeast to take a closer look, nice nice nice. HypeBeast —BokOne

3.V.O.7. x Reebok Classics


Taiwanese-American Actor/Singer/Director/Producer Van Ness Wu is the Creative Director of Reebok (Greater China Division), and under his 3.V.O.7. label comes this exceptional treatment to the 30th Anniversary Classic Leather. Mixing a multi-coloured Denim upper with Ostrich leather overlays, an ice-blue sole and 3.V.O.7. heart motifs results in one of the years finest collabs. Combined with what could be a very limited edition release in Taiwan, these could prove to be particularly exclusive for the collectors out there. Info and photos via Hypebeast, more images after the jump! —BokOne 

See also : G-Shock & Reebok Classic Leather celebrate joint 30th Anniversarys

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CL Trail — Black/Orange/Grey


At first I thought this was a bit of a surprise, but as it’s heading straight into Winter in the UK, it makes perfect sense. The 2012 CL Trail shoe – if you haven’t picked up a pair – is a superb all-weather shoe, with a sealed upper, fleece inner lining and an outsole inspired by the 80’s Fell Runner (well-spaced treads to avoid debris pickup).

With this 2013 pair, some of these treatments appear to have changed with the Eyestay/Crosscheck wrapover and sidestripes in what appears to be a suede material, and the inner lining losing the fleece. Also, the large-print Reebok on the rear midsole section has been dropped ; a shame in my opinion as it gave the CL Trail a particularly unique appearance. Whilst I’m not personally loving this colourway, you may and I’d definitely recommend you pick up a pair of CL Trails for your collection one way or another; a bit of a quiet modern classic if you ask me. More pics after the jump. These available now from Offspring UK. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

G-Shock & Reebok Classic Leather celebrate joint 30th Anniversarys — Reebok X Casio X 3.V.0.7

Hypebeast have just reported about a Reebok X Casio X 3.V.0.7 watch which at first appeared to be ‘just’ a G-Shock with additional logo stamps. This pack also includes a pair of CL Camo and appears to be Taiwan-only, limited to just 100 pairs.

What Hypebeast haven’t found out is there is a little more to report here: First, as the post title implies both Reeboks Classic Leather and the Casio G-Shock were launched in 1983, sharing their 30th anniversarys this year.

With this collab pack released under his jewellery line ‘3.V.0.7’, Actor/Singer/Director/Producer Van Ness Wu also happens to be the Creative Director of Reebok (Greater China Division) — his American/Taiwanese heritage cementing this relationship: in short he’s Taiwans’ Swizz Beatz. 

There’s more: There appears to be at least 1 additional colourway, scooped from the Reebok Taiwan Facebook page…. click on for more! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Limited Edt X Reebok — CL ‘Snake’

Released September 20th at their own stores in Singapore, Limited Edt have done something quite unique for the 30th Anniversary of the Classic Leather with a snake-inspired upper, glow-in-the-dark outsole/details, and reflective piping. The store owners talk to Hypebeast TV, and show off their stunning boutique store. Not often I dare to use underlined text on a webpage but this warrants it 🙂 Limited Edt (Singapore). —BokOne

Classic Leather — 30th Anniversary interview with David Foster

For the 30th Anniversary of the 1983 Reebok Classic Leather,
Retrobok approached David Foster with some more questions
to unearth the early history of this now-legendary shoe.

David is the 8th generation of the Foster family — his father Joe and uncle Jeff
started Reebok from the ashes of the J.W. Fosters company in 1958. He was
directly involved in the design and manufacture of some of 
most successful shoes in the 1980’s. He now runs his own footwear company.

He was kind enough to take time to answer Retroboks’ questions,
and also speaks his mind. Click on to read. —BokOne

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Classic Leather Retro Suede Italy

I wasn’t entirely sure where to place apostrophes or hyphenation into the title of these ; “Classic Leather Retro Suede Italy” but instead I’ll just say how much I’m loving these 😀 Very little hype, simple and pure retro designs, colourful makeups, subtle vintage glue treatment….  They wouldn’t be included within one of Retroboks’ header images if I didn’t love them so much. Available now from End (UK). —BokOne


Classic Leather Utility


Things have been definitely heading back towards the Camo trend in recent weeks, notwithstanding the BTNC X Reebok CL makeups I posted up a few days back. These are Reeboks’ own makeups fitted within the 30th Anniversary remit (and fronting on the tongue label to prove it), I’m not sure these are purest ‘Classic Leather’ with the midsole details though, more like the CL Leather R12’s. But I certainly love the woven textured upper on these, currently available at Swedens’ SNS. More pics after the jump, soldier. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

City Classics Collection — closeups


Fantastic detailed shots of fantastic detailed Classics— the forthcoming July 1st STASH-curated City Classic Collection is shaping up to be a real highlight for the 30th year of the Reebok Classic Leather. Many many many pics after the jump! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Fall/Winter 2013 — Suede Pack — Classic Leather, Freestyle Hi


The Suede Pack above features 4 colourways for Mens & Womens Classic Leather, and 5 for the Womens’ Freestyle Hi (notice the similiar colourway on the Womens Teal/Paperwhite pair to the recent Burn Rubber ‘Spirit of Detroit’ Mens CL). “The Suede Pack features a lux finish on Classic silhouettes. The suede execution gives a rich, stylized feel while distinctive colorways add depth and impact. Subtle tones including khaki, blue, burgundy and grey add an earthy, tonal feel to the Classic Leather, while bold red, pink, purple and emerald colors create rich, jewel toned hues on key silhouettes; the Classic Leather and Freestyle Hi. Specially embossed ‘30th Anniversary, since 1983’ detail adorns the Classic Leather, providing a nod to its heritage.” The Suede Pack is available from selected stores and online on July 1st 2013. —BokOne