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Sale @ Crooked Tongues


Lots of Reebok models on sale currently at the UK’s including some colourways of the Sole Trainer, some of the Garbstore X Reebok releases, Pro Workout Lows, CL 30th Anniversary collabs, and even some Shaq Attaqs!

Head over to Crooked Tongues pronto! —BokOne

Crooked Tongues X Reebok Classics — CL Leather Lux


This wild collab between Reebok Classics and Crooked Tongues mixes a faux-snakeskin upper, duotone gum outsole, whited out Reebok window and some ‘hidden details’ accoriding to CT themselves. Available now at Crooked Tongues and Titolo and I’m sure many other stores. Click on for more images! —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Gary Warnett X Reebok Classics

This forthcoming collab between Gary Warnett and Reebok Classics is a pretty tasty and considered treatment, but with SneakerNews posting an excellent interview with the man himself I felt it would be right to send you directly there (instead of me researching/pretending I’ve known all about this for a while, etc… 😉 ). Reputedly available at rising store End (UK) on October 12th. Now head on over to SneakerNews for the full story—BokOne

Crooked Tongues Forum — partial update

A couple of weeks ago I posted that the CT Forums had disappeared as their newly revamped site appeared. Within their ‘New site FAQ‘ I noticed the following —


It’s under discussion at the moment — we let that section gather dust over the last four years so it’s on hold temporarily while we work out how to create something from it. All feedback on that is welcome on Facebook, Twitter, email or by other means. We’re trying to find ways to keep the good stuff and maintain the conversation.

Worse news is regarding the Crates section, which once held some hot Retrobok images —


The Crates section has had its day, so it’s not coming back.

Fingers crossed for a resurrection of the CT Forums at least – they used to contain a solid amount of retro Reebok discussion and knowledge, more than any other site I’m aware of. If you wish to make your own feelings known, their social links are below. —BokOne

Crooked Tongues (Facebook)
Crooked Tongues (Twitter) @crookedtongues


RIP Crooked Tongues forum?



BokTwo spotted the CT forums have disappeared, most likely connected with the recent CT website redesign & rebuild. As B2 says “All that knowledge just gone overnight. Damn shame…“. Let’s hope the forum reappears soon, any comment Crooked Tongues? —BokOne

½ price Twilight Zones @ Crooked Tongues!

Woah! If you’re ever tired of seeing the word SALE used everywhere, often for measly price cuts, well Crooked Tongues (UK) are offering these superb Pumps for literally ½ price: thats £63 each. These are BIG sneakers, so perhaps they have a lack of storage space? Help them out over at Crooked Tongues!—BokOne

SALE! Workout Plus Vintage — Black/Bone/Brass

Now £45 (from £75) at Crooked Tongues —BokOne


Pump Furys @ UK Crooked Tongues

These 2 bad boys have been available for a few weeks now, and as I’m eyeing up a pair of Furys’ for my collection I thought I should include these on Retrobok. I’m loving the Black/Red/White pairs boldness, but also the futuristic colourway of the Steel/Dark Royal/White too. Hmmm. Both images link out directly to one of my favourite stores, Crooked Tongues. ~BokOne [Edit – also available from Urban Industry at the same pricepoint – Black/Red and Steel/Dark Royal ]

ERS 2000 @ Crooked Tongues

Nice little magazine entry over at Crooked Tongues, lauding the recent re-issue of the ERS 2000. A fun little read, though they missed an important photo: that of the ERS sole tubes themselves – definitely a key selling point to these fun retros 😉 You can see more pics on their store page, however. Available now at Crooked Tongues (thanks Dixy for the spot!) ~BokOne