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More Dash Runner colourways

These 3 colourways – spotted over on UK eBay – I’ve not seen before, though the yellow/black pair are possibly a 2011 release. The dark blue pair may look similiar to one of the 6 over at Reebok UK right now, but it differs with a Red heel tab & tongue label. The Grey/Blue/White are pure retro, and am very tempted to pick up a pair of these myself. Each image jumps over to the eBay listing. Thanks again to Dixy, aka BokTwo! 😉 ~BokOne

Dash Runners – 6 new colourways

Really really liking these colourways – especially the first 2 and the Silver (4th down with purple lace placketts) which is a colourway rarely seen on Retro ‘Boks. Now available over at Reebok UK (and no doubt other stores too). ~BokOne

Dash Runner ‘Red Heel’

I’ve yet to pick up a pair of Dash Runners, and whilst I’m not sure about their precise history I’m guessing they are a more recently retro-styled shoe. The particularly interesting thing about this colourway is that the striking laser-red heel counter closely matches the treatment on a pair of (as yet) unreleased GL 6000‘s shown above. These Dash Runners are currently available at Germanys’ Solebox ~BokOne

Reebok Classics Spring 2013 – NEW ERS RUNNERS!!

Oh Wow.
Spotted over at Fat Kids are a selection of Reeboks’ 2013 releases. For Retrobok I’m loving the CL Leather Trail variants ;

The 2013 Dash Runners ;

But MOST exciting by a long long shot are these ERS 1500’s ; Reebok-ERS-1500-2013-04

These are a pretty exciting set of shoes, the ERS tubes remind me of the Adidas Handball (though in their case, they had 5 removable plugs).

Great stuff Reebok – can’t wait to pick these up from stores!