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Super-rare Womens DL 5000 on eBay now


Absolutely stoked to see this beautiful and ultra-rare shoe: the Womens White/Light Blue makeup of the much-missed DL 5000 which was selling shortly after the 1985 GL 6000 (please comment if you know for sure).

I’m not sure I’d seen them in this colourway before -at least in this much detail- and it took me a while to find this colourway within the Retrobok Media Archive (I was also surprised to note that while reviews stated it was almost indiscernible from the GL 6000, it actually weighed a little more – possibly due to its pigskin upper?).

Seeing the stunning DL 5000 does prompt me to ask the question directly to the Reebok Classic team: isn’t it about time for a retro of the DL 5000, 5600 and 6000? Paul? 😉

eBay (notice the OG brochures included in the sale too)
Thanks to the owner for getting in touch about these. —BokOne

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eBay spot — Hurricane (Teal/White)


$_12 (4)


A slew of Vintage Reeboks have appeared on eBay UK recently, providing some invaluable photos of very rare Retroboks — and these are no exception. At first I thought they maybe the Aztec II, but with the 70’s trackstar outsole removed. Then, checking the Retrobok Shoe Archives I discovered these are actually the Hurricane – a trainer that I only had 2 catalogue scan images of previously, shown below in Mens’ colourways. Thanks again to Ritchie for making me aware of these, click on for more images of the Hurricane. Currently at eBay UK. —BokOne Read the rest of this entry

90’s Rapides — eBay

Just spotted a couple of great looking 90’s Rapides on eBay, with some superb archive-quality photos also. Rare to see such Retroboks appear together on eBay, boxed and in such good condition. Click on for more images and eBay link. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

OG DL5600 — eBay of the week

Some stunning stunning pics of an original pair of DL5600‘s from 1986 over on eBay (US) right now. Particularly great to see the sole of these – featuring a white Starcrest and very low profile road racer pattern – for which Retrobok had no previous reference. Thanks to BokTwo (aka DIXY 😉 ) for pointing me at these! eBay (US) ~BokOne