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The Top 10 shoes that Reebok Classics should retro in 2016


It needs saying, and it needs saying loud: 2015 has been another great year for Reebok retros. With the Ventilators‘ 25th Anniversary came the OG’s then dozens of stunning collabs. A smorgasbord of LX 8500 makeups and collabs appeared – some blurring the line between the shoe and its’ fabric/mesh brethren the GL 6000. Read on….  Read the rest of this entry

ERS 2000 colourways, Spring 2014


Last year, Reebok Classics quietly released a handful of colourways of the ERS 2000, an early-90’s model which has a traceable lineage back to the first ERS model in 1988, the ERS Trainer. For 2014, there’s a few more colourways heading to stores, running a generally Blue/Silver theme and looking quite space-age with it. Read on for more pics. —BokOne 

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ERS 2000 — White/Blue Sport/Vital Blue/Violet Volt/Steel


I’m not sure if that’s the fully accurate colourway name, featuring 5 colour titles but this is quite a surprise from Reebok Classics, re-releasing another retro of the 1990 ERS 2000. This shoe was originally known – in Europe at least – as the Questor ERS (and featured a different outsole) but for a reason still unknown to me, Reebok renamed a large number of these early 90’s shoes. I’m guessing due to trademark issues.

The colour blocking on this pair of 2000’s is rather new – especially the all-blue mesh toebox. Available now from Germanys’ Overkill and Switzerlands’ Titolo. —BokOne

1990 — ERS Physics & Gravity


Short and sweet this one, focussing on some rarer ERS models such as the Defiance ERS, Instructor ERS and ERS Tech Walker. Huge thanks again to TheReebokKid for these scans. 1990 — ERS Physics & Gravity —BokOne

ERS Marathon Racer 1990


Here’s a retro ‘Bok I’ve never seen before — the 1990 ERS Marathon Racer. This looks like a serious running shoe featuring a very futuristic upper, stitched Reebok logos throughout and a HUGE ventilator window on the side of the upper.

It also packs one of the most interesting midsoles I’ve seen – 4 ERS tube indents, ERS logo, a stability notch near the small toe and what appears to be Energy Return System text across the heel back. Just a shame we can’t see the outsole, ‘though I suspect in a lightweight racing shoe such as this there would be no ERS tubes visible.

Image via the superb DefyNewYork — well worth a visit.

This shoe added to the Retrobok 90’s Shoe Archives page. —BokOne

ERS 1500 — Paprika/White, Black/Blue

As Retrobok reported in early July, one of the newest colourways for the ‘new retro shoe’ ERS 1500 in Paprika/White has popped up in a few stores (of course, the awesome Titolo), but now there’s a fresher colourway in the form of the Black/Blue/Grey above, available (alongside the Paprika) exclusively from French store Corner Street. —BokOne

ER 1500 — Tin Grey/Teal Gem/Solar Yellow


This very smart new colourway for the 2012 ERS 1500 has recently appeared, pushing the number of ‘1500 colourways well into the double digits (I feel a ‘Field Guide’ coming on…). Regular visitors will be well aware of my opinions of the 1500 – a great looking shoe with a slightly budget construction – but you wouldn’t be a retro ‘Bok head if you didn’t own a pair… Sarenza (UK) —BokOne

ERS 1500 — Paprika/White/Blue/Black

Another new ‘1500 colourway spotted at Switzerlands’ awesome Titolo – Reebok are seriously pumping these out! If you think they’re familiar, well… kinda – they’re similiar to one of the earlier colourways shown below. Available now alongside another 6 colourways at Titolo. —BokOne

Early ERS 1500 colourway – White/Steel/Blue Red


Titolo HUGE pre-order range — Ventilators, ERS1500, Nylon Slims…

It’s hard to know where to start with these. A wave of literally dozens of Retroboks in fresh colourways are now on pre-order from Switzerlands’ Titolo store…. Ventilators, Freestyle Hi Italys, Nylon Slim R13’s, CL Suedes, Joggers,  and those ‘Aztec’ ERS1500’s that were spotted as samples here recently. They appear to have one of the largest stocks of online Reeboks, at least in Europe… Titolo —BokOne

ERS 1500 — 5 x samples including Aztec colourway!

UPDATED Huge thanks to my Polish contact Piotr for pointing me at these, on a Polish auction site. These are apparently 2013 samples including a pair based on the legendary 1979 Reebok Aztec colourway — they also show up the versatility of the ERS 1500. Many many pics and link after the jump. —BokOne 

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Reebok Germany 1990 — It’s shoe time!

Huge thanks to Alexander Schuh for sending me this 1990 Reebok Germany catalogue, which I’ve scanned and added to the Media section. This is a superb piece of archival material featuring ERS, Pumps (including schematic illustrations for different shoe applications), Hexalite, XT series Cross-Trainers, many Womens colourways, and no-frills Tennis shoes too. Plenty more work here for BokOne to update the 1990’s Retrobok Shoe Archives too… Thanks again to Alex 😀 1990 Reebok Germany Catalogue —BokOne

ERS 2000 — Red/Navy/White, Royal/White

Two bold, bold new colourways for the 90’s ERS 2000 just surfaced at UK’s Urban Industry. The Red/Navy pair have a similiar ribbed treatment to the toebox and upper like one of the recent GL 6000 re-issued colourways. Word on the street is that the 6000‘s haven’t been selling so well which is a huge shame – so let’s hope these 2000‘s get noticed and turn a few heads. Click either colourway to link directly over to Urban Industry. —BokOne

SALE! ERS 1500: £39.99 from Reebok UK

The 2012 ERS 1500 is now available for just £39.99 at Reebok UK in 2 of my favourite colourways (the other 3 colourways remain at full price). Whilst reactions have been mixed (see the Retrobok Unboxing + Review here), there’s no doubting this is a great looking shoe. If I were a little critical of Reebok, I’d suggest that for their build quality this should have been their original price point. (Click either image to jump directly over). —BokOne


ERS Al Ternator — 1993 curio

Spotted these curious ERS’s on eBay USA, which I’d not seen before. Probably one of the only ERS’s I’ve seen with 3 moulded tubes rather than the usual 4 (recent ERS 1500’s notwishstanding) on the sole, and speed lace loops. These look seriously bad-ass – even the name is something of a curio! More pics after the jump. —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

ERS 2000 – Black/White/Wolf Grey

Just appeared at UK’s Size? are these bad boys, in a very sombre Black/Grey/White colourway. Any colourless sneaker is a bold decision, and these are a little towards the edge of my own tastes — I do wish Reebok had reversed out the ERS tubes in a contrasting colour to make them pop a little more, but they’ve got a plastic model kit quality to them in all-grey. Currently £80 at Size? alongside the OG colourway~BokOne