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ERS 1500 — Tin Grey/Steel/Grey/Blue

V55219_02 (1)

A new treatment to the ‘new retro’ ERS 1500 has appeared on Reeboks’ UK store, with a textured toe-wrap, silver mesh upper and deep blue heel on the midsole. Tidy. Reebok UK —BokOne


ERS 1500 — Paprika/White, Black/Blue

As Retrobok reported in early July, one of the newest colourways for the ‘new retro shoe’ ERS 1500 in Paprika/White has popped up in a few stores (of course, the awesome Titolo), but now there’s a fresher colourway in the form of the Black/Blue/Grey above, available (alongside the Paprika) exclusively from French store Corner Street. —BokOne

ER 1500 — Tin Grey/Teal Gem/Solar Yellow


This very smart new colourway for the 2012 ERS 1500 has recently appeared, pushing the number of ‘1500 colourways well into the double digits (I feel a ‘Field Guide’ coming on…). Regular visitors will be well aware of my opinions of the 1500 – a great looking shoe with a slightly budget construction – but you wouldn’t be a retro ‘Bok head if you didn’t own a pair… Sarenza (UK) —BokOne

ERS 1500 — Paprika/White/Blue/Black

Another new ‘1500 colourway spotted at Switzerlands’ awesome Titolo – Reebok are seriously pumping these out! If you think they’re familiar, well… kinda – they’re similiar to one of the earlier colourways shown below. Available now alongside another 6 colourways at Titolo. —BokOne

Early ERS 1500 colourway – White/Steel/Blue Red


Titolo HUGE pre-order range — Ventilators, ERS1500, Nylon Slims…

It’s hard to know where to start with these. A wave of literally dozens of Retroboks in fresh colourways are now on pre-order from Switzerlands’ Titolo store…. Ventilators, Freestyle Hi Italys, Nylon Slim R13’s, CL Suedes, Joggers,  and those ‘Aztec’ ERS1500’s that were spotted as samples here recently. They appear to have one of the largest stocks of online Reeboks, at least in Europe… Titolo —BokOne

SALE! ERS 1500: £39.99 from Reebok UK

The 2012 ERS 1500 is now available for just £39.99 at Reebok UK in 2 of my favourite colourways (the other 3 colourways remain at full price). Whilst reactions have been mixed (see the Retrobok Unboxing + Review here), there’s no doubting this is a great looking shoe. If I were a little critical of Reebok, I’d suggest that for their build quality this should have been their original price point. (Click either image to jump directly over). —BokOne


ERS 1500 – 5 colourways now at Reebok UK

Click above to jump ~BokOne

ERS 1500 (2012) — Unboxing & Review

Received my ERS 1500s in Black/Pink/Aubergine today from Reebok UK (well, they came from Germany to be accurate) and have taken a few photos & macros for you to check out. There’s also a review of this new and interesting addition to the ERS range. Read on for the full article.

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ERS 1500 now available @ Reebok UK store

Available in the Black/Vital Blue/Steel/Aubergine/Dynamic Pink colourway – and if you input the code VC12PCT, you’ll get a further 12% off 😀 Expect an unboxing & macro pics by the end of the week. | Reebok UK ~BokOne

1 more ERS 1500, 3 more GL 6000!

Things seem a bit crazy right now: yet more retro ‘Boks are hitting shops I’d not even discovered until today. The 4 above — plus the Blue/Yellow ERS 1500 and a great selection of other Reeboks — are all available at Melbournes’ Sure! store (damn I miss that city….) Each image also quicklinks out to the specific shoe. Good times! | ~BokOne

ERS 1500 – White/Black/Grey/Green

There’s clearly some careful planning by Reebok here – drip-feeding the various ERS 1500 colourways almost singularly out to specific stores, but here is what appears to be the 4th – and final? – colourway of the ‘1500 for the Winter 2012/2013 season. | Solebox (Germany) | ~BokOne


ERS 1500 – Navy/Gray/White/Yellow

A surprising selection of stores in the UK are now stocking the ERS 1500 in the Navy/Yellow colourway below (though I’ve not yet seen any store other than Titolo in Switzerland stock more than 1 colourway). Available for around the £55 mark
| 5Pointz | Shopstyle | Chemical Records | Additionally, have images of 4 colourways for the ERS 1500. | ~BokOne

ERS 1500 – Black/Blue/Steel/Aubergine/Pink

The 2nd ERS 1500 colourway to break cover at Titolo, I’ve not yet seen them anywhere else (if you have, please let me know in the comments). These are really bad ass design, and completely in the Retrobok spirit – congratulations to Reebok for doing this. However, and I hate to say this, but I’m not totally convinced about the finish quality on these. The rear midsole in particular reminds me of the Reebok World Mile : itself a budget shoe, and the rubber-cleated sole is a curious design choice for what is – at least in spirit – a road/track runner. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a pair and seeing them in the flesh. Remember there is a second colourway available too!
| Black/Blue/Steel/Aubergine/Pink – & – White/Steel/Blue/Red | ~BokOne

Reebok Classics Lookbook 2013

Really promising start to the year (welcome back to Retrobok by the way guys) – with this short promo clip featuring ERS 1500, more colourways of the GL 6000 by the looks of things, Reebok Classic, DMX Run, Freestyle Hi (including some Basquiat treatments), and those Reebok Classic BRK SC 30th Anniversarys I posted up a few weeks back. It’s going to be a good year I feel 🙂 | Via Sneakernews | ~BokOne

ERS 1500 pre-order!

Yep, here they are! Possibly one of the most exciting ‘retro’ Reebok releases for a while now ; an all-new pair of ERS runners!
Pre-orders over at the Swiss Titolo store. Go! ~BokOne