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ERS Marathon Racer (1990 approx) — Vintage Sample (eBay)


BokTwo spotted these on eBay: From a seller with reliable credentials for selling genuine samples, these themselves don’t show any proof of that, with the seller also claiming they were bought from – and worn by – the designer himself: the one and only Steven ‘Instapump Fury’ Smith. Read on!  Read the rest of this entry

ERS Marathon Racer 1990


Here’s a retro ‘Bok I’ve never seen before — the 1990 ERS Marathon Racer. This looks like a serious running shoe featuring a very futuristic upper, stitched Reebok logos throughout and a HUGE ventilator window on the side of the upper.

It also packs one of the most interesting midsoles I’ve seen – 4 ERS tube indents, ERS logo, a stability notch near the small toe and what appears to be Energy Return System text across the heel back. Just a shame we can’t see the outsole, ‘though I suspect in a lightweight racing shoe such as this there would be no ERS tubes visible.

Image via the superb DefyNewYork — well worth a visit.

This shoe added to the Retrobok 90’s Shoe Archives page. —BokOne