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1990 — ERS Physics & Gravity


Short and sweet this one, focussing on some rarer ERS models such as the Defiance ERS, Instructor ERS and ERS Tech Walker. Huge thanks again to TheReebokKid for these scans. 1990 — ERS Physics & Gravity —BokOne

ERS 2000 – Black/White/Wolf Grey

Just appeared at UK’s Size? are these bad boys, in a very sombre Black/Grey/White colourway. Any colourless sneaker is a bold decision, and these are a little towards the edge of my own tastes — I do wish Reebok had reversed out the ERS tubes in a contrasting colour to make them pop a little more, but they’ve got a plastic model kit quality to them in all-grey. Currently £80 at Size? alongside the OG colourway~BokOne

ERS 1500 – Another possible colourway, more pics.

Spotted over at Sneakernews are some more pics of the (hopefully) forthcoming ERS 1500’s in 2013.
The Grey/Red/Blue shown below appear additional to the previously-shown 4 colourways (check this page).

Reebok ERS 1500

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Reebok Classics Spring 2013 – NEW ERS RUNNERS!!

Oh Wow.
Spotted over at Fat Kids are a selection of Reeboks’ 2013 releases. For Retrobok I’m loving the CL Leather Trail variants ;

The 2013 Dash Runners ;

But MOST exciting by a long long shot are these ERS 1500’s ; Reebok-ERS-1500-2013-04

These are a pretty exciting set of shoes, the ERS tubes remind me of the Adidas Handball (though in their case, they had 5 removable plugs).

Great stuff Reebok – can’t wait to pick these up from stores!



ERS Racer Field-Guide

The 3rd in the Retrobok series of Field-Guides: you might be surprised just how many ERS Racer colourways have been released over the years. Very surprised…
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