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Aape X Reebok — Insta-Pump Fury detailed pics

Reebok have really been killing it this year with Pump Fury makeups such as the ‘Koinobori’ (Childrens Day) and this time it’s a collab with BAPE sister-brand Aape which raises the game once more. This is some amazing stuff, with design and quality that is off the scale (you’ve just got to wonder if the ‘Nike-onlys’ of this world even take notice). EUKicks have once again posted up some stunning images, so instead of stealing them all (being a polite sneaker site) I’ll redirect you 😉 EUKicks. —BokOne

Release date is 21st September, keep your eyes peeled on SneakerPolitics

Court Victory Pump — Black/Blue, Red/Blue/White

Here’s 2 smart and spring-like makeups of the 1990 Michael Chang-endorsed Court Victory Pump. I was never convinced this shoe had much beauty, with that slightly odd shark-like midsole detail but these are looking pretty sharp. The details continue to the Pump mechanism itself – whilst it’s lost it’s lurid yellow-green Tennis ball colouring in both cases, it retains the texturing detail. The mesh upper panelling complete these nicely – working particularly well in Blue. Both available now in the US at OneNess Boutique. Info via EUKicks – more pics after the jump. —BokOne

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