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When is a Reebok Classic not a Reebok Classic?


Uh huh. I see what you’ve done there 😮 Pick yours up at TBDress today! Or perhaps don’t.  —BokOne


FAKE GL 6000’s — Orange/Navy, Green/Blue/Red

6000_fake1 6000_fake2

Rather accurate don’t you think? As bright Orange hasn’t been used on a 6000 before, it was the top pair that drew my eye to them being fakes — the narrow Reebok window and wonky midsole cutouts give these away too. Take a nosey here. And remember kids; even if the surprisingly-cheap-fake-sneakersite looks like it’s in your country, it’ll be in China. —BokOne

GL 1500 — More colourways spotted, and fakes…

There’s some mystery to the recent appearance of the new GL 1500 retro shoe. For example: out of these 3 new colourways, 2 appear to be fake. The giveaways are the strange CL-inspired outsoles and tiny Reebok branding window. The mystery deepens as all 3 are apparently on sale from Polish stores, with one store showing ‘out of stock’ and another with a reduced sale price….! If you’re ordering a pair of these: beware. Lots of pics of these after the jump. ebuty butysportowe / e-megasportsurfdome —BokOne  Read the rest of this entry

Phase III – faking it in Russia

Rare or previously unseen colourways? Poor finish and smelling strongly of house paint? Fake Phase III’s in Russia, which are even hosted on a fake lookalike Facebook site! Welcome to RoXXshop … be careful out there… 😉 ~BokOne