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Shoe Gallery talks to Hypebeast TV about ‘Flamingos at war’

So it’s Hypebeast TV day here at Retrobok! Second of 3 clips, this time looking into the collaboration between Miamis’ Shoe Gallery and Reebok Classics with the striking ‘Flamingos at war’ makeup of the Classic Leather. Something that has just occurred to me is whether this is the last of the low CL collabs we see in 2013….? Shoe Gallery (USA) —BokOne

Shoe Gallery X Reebok Classic Leather — Flamingos at War


These…. now these are insane. I can’t find a more suitable word for them. Combining flamingo pink suede on the forefoot with a full camo upper on the rest of the shoe including the heel tab, they are one of the wildest treatments of the Classic Leather seen yet. They also do something I really like — darkening the midsole to give the shoe a slimmer appearance (though perhaps the gum outsole colour could have been different).

No word just yet on the release date of these, but Miami’s Shoe Gallery (no web store I’ve yet found, just a Twitter feed) will get a great deal of attention for this collab, just make your mind up on this crazy makeup…. Click on for more pics! —BokOne 

Initial info via Sneakernews (who haven’t yet spotted the Flamingos At War title…)  Read the rest of this entry