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Insta Pump Fury – Atmos x Reebok (Snake/British Camo)

It’d be a fair criticism of Retrobok for not covering other classic Boks’ as much as the usual runners. Often I’m not sure myself where to draw the line: but anything originating pre-2000, or emulating classics since then, or indeed featuring classic tech such as Hexalite should be covered here, and Reeboks’ unique Insta Pump has been sorely overlooked here on Retrobok.   Read the rest of this entry


Lego Pump

Well, I’m about 6 months late with this but it’s still worth posting 🙂 ; “Alex Jones, a.k.a. Orion Pax, .. worked on a commissioned piece for legendary Austrian rapper Kamp One, forming a very realistic Reebok Pump. Though not life-size, this sneaker is large enough to feed through real shoelaces. On the side, where The Pump logo is usually situated, Jones painted the rapper’s name, and he has even recreated the orange Hexalite cushioning system inside the heel of the sole.” | Freshnessmag | ~BokOne