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Garbstore X Ventilator Supreme — 2 colourways available NOW


2 new lush makeups of the recently retro’d Ventilator Supreme are available to buy now from Switzerlands alwaysonthefrikkincuttingedge Titolo. Sporting the Outside In twist, you’ve got a choice of a no-nonsense Grey/White/Cream with more Grey, or the whackybonkers Purple/Cream/White/Grey/Pink/Brown/Blue/Red shown above. You know the answer. The answer is BOTH 😉 Titolo -BokOne

Garbstore X Ventilator Supreme — 2 forthcoming colourways (+poster porn)


If you’ll remember, last July the grey/cream Garbstore X Ventilator Supreme was spotted in a Turnschuh video (thanks to Piotr for the spot on that). Here we are nearly 10 months later, and they still haven’t dropped… Click on for more, and some stunning posters…

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